V Rising Weapon Tier List (Best Weapons Ranked)


If you is likely to be looking for the best V Rising Weapon Tier List with all the weapons inside the recreation ranked, you is likely to be in one of the best place. We have compiled the itemizing of all the ranged and melee varieties you could get inside the recreation at the same time as a lot as the newest updated ones. So with none further ado, let’s get correct into it and uncover the best weapons to decide on correct now inside the recreation.

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Best V Rising Weapon Tier List (All Weapons Ranked)

Best V Rising Weapon Tier List All Weapons Ranked

Here are all the best weapons in our V Rising  Weapon Tier List:


Tiers V Rising Weapons
S+ Tier Sword
S Tier Slashers
A+ Tier Axes
A Tier Reaper
B Tier Mace
C Tier Spear
D Tier Crossbow

These weapons are ranked based mostly on our opinions, and likewise you might uncover them completely totally different to your gameplay. Also, completely totally different weapons are increased than others when using them in PVE or PVP modes. So right now we’ll share our opinions on why we actually really feel like this Tier makes in all probability essentially the most sense to us.

Sword (Best V Rising Weapon in our Tier List)


Even though Sword varieties are among the many many first weapons you get inside the recreation, they’re truly good with their dependable DPS cost and talent versatility. Their elementary abilities are Whirlwind and Shockwave. Whirlwind will mean you can deal 35% harm whereas spinning & slicing all the enemies that try and embody you. A quick approach to get out of trouble.

Then the Shockwave will let unfastened a projectile, dealing 70% bodily harm & will launch the enemies into the air. You can recast this to shortly teleport to your enemies and assaults them with 3 strikes dealing 25% harm each.



Once you beat ‘Quincy the Bandit King’ you could unlock Slashers recipe. These daggers are very surroundings pleasant to stop your enemies of their tracks. What they lack in DPS is handled by their tempo and abilities. Their elementary abilities are Elusive Strike & Camouflage. Elusive Strike allows you to rapidly hit your enemies a lot of events with each hit dealing 60% harm. Additionally, they could allow your targets for an entire 2 seconds. That’s a reasonably good functionality to realize administration over the enemies merely.

Camouflage functionality will mean you can cowl out of your enemies for an entire 6 seconds! This functionality is definitely good for sneaking behind enemies with it’s 25% tempo improve, and dealing an assault with 80% harm. This functionality is just like talents of the ‘thief’ class with the facility to ‘backstab’ in numerous video video games. Overall Slashers are very surroundings pleasant in fast response gameplay and dealing ATK in a short while.


Axes are easy to get your fingers on correct from the tutorial, as a result of the Spears & Swords. But although you uncover them gradual and solely satisfactory for chopping down timber, they’re mighty adequate to chop down enemies too. Yes, they’re gradual, nevertheless they’ve larger harm output than every Spears & Swords. Moreover, their abilities, Frenzy & X-Strike shouldn’t unhealthy the least bit.

Frenzy will improve your ATK 30%, and 25% improve tempo (supplied that you simply hit the purpose), all whereas dealing a whopping 100% additional harm to enemies. That’s every superior to utilize as soon as extra the bosses. And for individuals who searching for to keep up your enemies on the bay, X-Strike will allow you to throw axes at enemies for 85% harm, whereas slowing them down for an entire 2 seconds. A really useful functionality considering the Axe’s ATK tempo.

Reaper, Mace, Spear, & Crossbow

Reaper is gradual, making it very laborious for us to utilize in PVP. But for PVE, it’s a flexible weapon to deal harm to an infinite area. Maces being the slowest inside the recreation was solely useful for our performs in opposition to the bosses. For leisure, totally different weapons lined all of the issues {{that a}} mace lacks.

Spear was truly good in what it does biggest, using the talents in PVP. Some of our buddies insist Spear to be the subsequent rank, nevertheless as I said for me totally different Axes, Swords, & Slashers have been suited to my playstyle. That’s the one motive I ranked them lower on account of my experience. If you truly profit from the Spears then it’s finest to truly go for it.

And lastly, now we have now the Crossbow. With a gradual fire cost and not-so-great ATK, Crossbows are biggest suited to be a help weapon in fluctuate. It has its private explicit abilities, nevertheless collaborating in an excellent chunk of the game with merely Crossbow made it evident after we wanted to rank it low on this tier itemizing.

That’s all about the best weapons in our V Rising Weapon Tier List. While you is likely to be proper right here, ensure that to check out our totally different Tier Lists & moreover our V Rising Guides for additional concepts & ideas.