V Rising Octavian The Militia Captain Location & Boss Fight Guide


While you gather property to regain properly being and your house as a strong vampire in V Rising, you may also need to fight V bosses. The location of these bosses could also be tracked using the Blood Altar whenever you unlock them. As you progress by way of completely totally different ranges, you’ll encounter stronger bosses. Speaking of stronger V bosses, Octavian, the Militia Captain has in all probability probably the most versatile skillsets and expertise. But sooner than you get to beat him, you could uncover him first. So, proper right here’s our info on the suitable strategy to defeat Octavian in V Rising.

V Rising Octavian the Militia Captain Location


As you unlock the Octavian at diploma 56, head over to the Blood Altar to hint him down. You can uncover it on the Bastion of Dunley positioned on the north of Dunley Farmlands. The most interesting time to come back throughout this V Boss could be all through midnight to steer clear of any hurt by the Sun. We counsel defeating the mobs surrounded by the world. As talked about, this boss has in all probability probably the most versatile models of expertise and experience. Octavian can shut the hole alongside together with his assaults along with inflict hurt from a ranged distance. Once most of his properly being is depleted, this V blood boss can also summon additional enemies for help.

Scroll till the highest for some tips to defeat Octavian the Militia Captain.

V Rising How to Beat Octavian the Militia Captain


Octavian has 5 completely totally different assaults up his sleeve. While it’s greatest to steer clear of shut assaults, he can dash and value with a sword to inflict hurt. You have to take care of a steadiness to survive not solely his ranged assaults however as well as close-ranged distance. So, it’s greatest to have some therapeutic consumables like Blood Rose Potion. We counsel considerably than coming into into battle straight, one of many easiest methods may very well be to verify his pattern of assaults. Analyze all of his assaults and swap to safety to dodge them.

Let’s look into the assaults of Octavian, the Militia Captian intimately:

Overhead Rolling Horizontal Slash


This is among the many basic assaults that he inflicts when the battle begins. He throws one rolling sword in your method to inflict hurt. You can dodge or get out of the way in which through which to steer clear of this hurt. But as he throws this assault, you’ll have the ability to dash by way of quickly to interrupt him.

v rising octavian boss fight guide
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Overhead Spinning Slash


He throws 4 spinning swords in your method to inflict additional hurt. As he throws these spinning swords, he comes nearer to damaging you alongside together with his sword.

v rising how to beat octavian
Image Source – Demone Kim on YouTube.

Charged Sword Dash

Octavian dashes and assaults you with a Sword with this charged means. It is most interesting to dodge and get out of the way in which through which when he pulls this assault.

charged sword dash
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Militia Longbowman

Once you may need depleted his properly being, he’ll summon a fire archer, Militia Longbowman to help him out with the battle. While you fight Octavian, this archer will stick with it throwing fireplace arrows from a distance. Upon depleting his properly being, he can pull a charged assault in opposition to you. As this charged assault can inflict important hurt, we suggest dealing with this archer sooner than you defeat Octavian.

militia longbowman
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Spinning Whirlwind Slash

If the earlier assaults have been robust for you, this one could also be robust to dodge. When he inflicts this assault, he surrounds you with some spinning swords as he dashes with a spinning sword himself. During this assault, he covers a giant area as you could be surrounded by the swords. As it could be an issue to dodge this assault, dash by way of him when he comes with a spinning sword. And, stick with it attacking him when he stops spinning.

v rising octavian
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Once you may need defeated Octavian, upon extracting his blood you acquire quite a lot of rewards. You get the recipe to craft Dawnthorn Regalia, Dark Silver Ingot, and Dark Silver Weapons. You moreover unlock the Mirror Strike power and the Anvil building.

That’s all about defeating Octavian, the Militia Captain in V Rising. If you appreciated this info, strive our totally different guides on the suitable strategy to defeat Jade, the Vampire Hunter, the suitable strategy to beat Quincey, the Bandit King, and the suitable strategy to defeat Ferocious Bear in V Rising correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.