V Rising: How To Make Leather


While having fun with V Rising you’ll want to make leather-based to enhance the Castle Heart. Crafting leather-based on this recreation is form of easy and doesn’t require many property. Although, you do need two points to get started with it. After that, getting it have to be a breeze. So on this data enable us to quickly take a look at strategies to make leather-based in V Rising and all provides need for it.

How to Make Leather in V Rising


v rising how to make leather
Image Credit: Realm Space Gaming on YouTube

You can craft leather-based in V Rising using Animal disguise and Tannery. Having a tannery is a ought to as with out it it’s possible you’ll’t craft leather-based. For making leather-based you need:

  • Tannery x1 (Doesn’t get consumed nonetheless is the workbench the place you make it)
  • Animal Hide X16


Here is how one could make leather-based:

  1. Go to the Tannery and work along with it.
  2. Here, it’s possible you’ll convert your Animal disguise into leather-based.

In case, you don’t have a tannery proper right here is how one can get it.


  1. Start by going to the Blood Altar.
  2. Here, click on on on Keely the Frost Archer, then press home or on the Track Blood button on the suitable to start monitoring her.
  3. The advisable diploma for tough her is 20. So guarantee you’re anyplace at diploma 20 or above sooner than you drawback her.
  4. Once you start monitoring her you’re going to get trails of blood usually in your show display primary you to her.
  5. These disappear pretty quickly and reappear after some seconds. Follow the trail and also you’ll lastly uncover her.
  6. When you get to Keely battle and take away her then drink her blood to extract the V blood from her.
  7. This gives you with the recipe to assemble a Tannery. You moreover get an ice capability for beating her.
  8. Finally, return to your base and assemble a Tannery. Building it requires:
    • Plank x8
    • Animal Hide x160

That covers this data on strategies to make Leather in V Rising. If this data was helpful to you then bear in mind to strive our completely different Video Game guides to get help with completely different video video games. And for various points gaming bear in mind to strive Gamer Tweak.