V Rising: How To Get & Use Prison Cell


If you plan on giving your Vampire the most effective blood then it’s best to get and use some jail cells. As the title suggests these cells will help you to take care of prisoners. But how exactly is a prisoner useful to you, you is maybe questioning. Well, the reply is simple they’re your staple provide of high-quality blood throughout the sport. Don’t concern maintain finding out this info as I’ll make clear to you the way in which to get and use Prison Cell in V Rising.

How to Get Prison Cell in V Rising


v rising get and use prison cell
Image Credit: Fortizar on YouTube

You should beat Vincent the Frostbringer to have the ability to get the recipe for the development of Prison Cell. To make a jail cell you need:

  • Iron Ingots x12


You can instantly use this development.

  1. Press the B key in your keyboard to open the Build menu.
  2. Go to the Production tab and proper right here choose Dominance.
  3. From proper right here it’s possible you’ll place a Prison cell anyplacein your fortress as long as you’ve gotten the required Iron Ingots for it. And nothing else blocks the home wished to place it.

In case you don’t have the development for it, then observe these steps:


  1. Interact with the Blood Altar in your fortress.
  2. Here choose Vincent the Frostbringer and start monitoring its blood.
  3. Go to his location and defeat him.
  4. This will unlock the development.

How to Use Prison Cells

You can use the Prison Cells in V Rising by breaking the will of a human after which imprisoning them. Here is what it’s best to do.


  1. Find a human with the easiest Blood top quality and type of your different. Remember within the occasion you uncover one which has the best blood type then you definately positively gained’t ought to trouble repeating this course of.
  2. Attack them until their nicely being reaches underneath 30%.
  3. Next, use the pliability “Dominating presence” in your aim.
  4. Once they’ve misplaced their will they’ll obey you. Take them to your fortress.
  5. Now, go subsequent to the jail cell and work along with it.
  6. Here, you’re going to get an option to imprison the charmed unit.
  7. Imprison the human and also you’re in a position to feast on their blood at any time when wished.

Some recommendations on Prisoners

The simplest issue about these prisoners is their nicely being and misery. You must confirm they don’t run out of nicely being. And when you extract their blood their misery proportion moreover will enhance. So it’s greatest to carry their nicely being extreme and misery low.You can do every of these by feeding your prisoners each rats or fish. Although rats often usually are not actually helpful, try feeding them fish as rather a lot as doable.

And if you happen to’re feeling really evil then it’s possible you’ll merely get your servants to fish and skip on that step as successfully!

Now you understand how to get and use Prison Cells in V Rising whereas sustaining your prisoners alive and fewer miserable. Since you do ought to feed your servants it’s greatest to look at our info on the way in which to fish. And you can also study our V Rising guides within the occasion you need some additional help on completely different issues of this sport.