V Rising: How To Get & Use Miststone


Miststone is probably going one of many Gemstones in V Rising that you possibly can get to utilize to make greater gear. If you may need a bunch of them you’ll have the ability to even get weapons like Sanguine Reaper. But the problem is getting your palms on them is perhaps pretty troublesome. So on this data enable us to confirm the best way to get and use Mist Stone in V Rising.

How to Get Miststone in V Rising


v rising get and use mist stone

In order to get mist stone in V Rising, it’s worthwhile to mine stone nodes which have crystal-like shards protruding of them. When you break them you may need a chance to get the following stones:

  • Miststone (Crude)
  • Amethyst (Crude)
  • Emerald (Crude)
  • Ruby (Crude)
  • Sapphire (Crude)
  • Topaz (Crude)


Sadly, there isn’t any assured drop for a single type of stone like how one can get for iron or copper ores. So for those who want to farm or mine them you solely have two selections. The first is to interrupt the above-mentioned stone nodes with crystals caught from them. And the second is to assault stone golems. With the above two methods, you’re going to get crude stones.

The second methodology to get mist stones is by purchasing for them from retailers or retailers. You can buy them in alternate for silver money. Below are the prices of all mist stones:

  • Crude Miststone
    • Price: 8 silver money
    • Sold by: Gavyn the Shady Dealer
  • Regular Miststone
    • Price: 24 silver money
    • Sold by: Berk the Travelling Trader
  • Flawless Miststone
    • Price: 120 silver money
    • Sold by: Ottar the Merchant


Alternatively, after getting Crude Miststone you can also use it to get its differing types.

  • Regular Miststone: Uses 4 Crude Miststone
  • Flawless Miststone: Uses 4 Regular Miststone

How to Use Mist Stone in V Rising


Here is the best way to make use of Miststone inside the sport.

  • Crude Miststone could be utilized to get:
    • Regular Miststone
    • Mist Signet
  • Regular Miststone could be utilized to get:
    • Flawless Miststone
    • Misty Necklace
    • Merciless Iron Reaper
    • The General’s Soul Reaper
  • Flawless Miststone could be utilized to get:
    • Sanguine Reaper

That covers each factor it’s best to study the best way to get & use Miststone in V Rising. If you are interested in participating on this sport and situated this data useful then moreover confirm our totally different V Rising guides.