V Rising: How To Beat Quincey The Bandit King


While having fun with V Rising you’ll come all through a V Blood usually often called Quincey the Bandit King, that you need to beat. This is no doubt one of many bosses throughout the sport that gives in all probability probably the most number of and an essential drops. Upon defeat, you get Chaos Barrier, Merciless Charge as powers, blueprints for Smithy, and Tailoring Bench. Lastly, you moreover get the recipes for Iron Ingot, Iron Weapons, and Hollowfang Battlegear from him. So on this info permit us to check the best way to defeat Quincey the Bandit King in V Rising.

How to Beat Quincey the Bandit King in V Rising


v rising defeat quincey the bandit king
Image Credit: Vulkan on YouTube

You can defeat Quincey the Bandit King in V Rising by first eliminating his minions after which attacking him. Dodge its strikes and time your assaults to chip away his nicely being. Once his nicely being bar reaches 0 you probably can press F to extract his Blood. Below are the strikes it makes use of throughout the battle and the best way to dodge them.

  • Charge assault:You will see Quincey value up and do a quick dash. You can dodge this assault by getting away from him and prepared for his value to complete. The second he begins his dash, get out of his method by transferring to each side. The dash is in a straight line in order quickly as he begins working he obtained’t change route mid dash.
  • Ground assault:Quincey will use his defend and assault the underside throughout the participant’s route. The ground might have numerous fully totally different cracks that unfold ahead. He unleashes three or 4 energies that traverse the underside and unfold outwards. Once they attain their prohibit, after only a few seconds the underside will explode from the traces traced by these energies. You can merely avoid them by working to each side. The assault takes place in a V-like area in entrance of Quincey, so if you get to each side you might want to be safe.
  • Reflective Shield:This is kind of easy to dodge as you merely don’t ought to assault it when its defend is up. Because in case you do, it blocks all melee assaults and shows once more any projectile assaults that you just do. So whereas this switch might be very dangerous, doing nothing is its most interesting counter.
  • Triple value assault:This switch is exactly the equivalent as a price assault, nevertheless this time thrice.You will see Quincey glow pink and yell then he’ll value dash at you thrice. You can dodge this assault the equivalent method you dodge the Charge Attack. After you dodge all three of them you’ll discover he’ll get shocked after the third dash. This is your cue to go and spam assaults on him.


Once you keep the above strikes in ideas and assault him accordingly you shouldn’t have any disadvantage eliminating him.

That covers this info on the best way to beat Quincey the Bandit King in V Rising. If you’ve gotten missed a earlier boss and wish to downside them, then be certain that to check our info on the best way to find and beat Beatrice the Tailor.