V Rising Duke Of Balaton Location & How To Beat Boss


Just like a dad or mum and their infants, the Duke of Balaton is fiercely defending of his enormous treasures. Most are meaningless nevertheless that doesn’t suggest that we aren’t going to aim to steal just a few them. Here is your data on how one can additionally get the state of affairs and beat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising.

How to Find and Defeat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising


Location Of The Duke Of Balaton & How To Beat Him

Here is how yow will uncover and defeat the Duke of Balaton throughout the sport.

Duke of Balaton Location


Swamp of Greed
Map credit score rating: Map Genie

To get to the state of affairs of Duke of Balaton, merely observe these steps:

  • Get the Blood Altar in your fort
  • Now, use the Blood Altar to monitor down the Duke’s blood scent
  • Go to the far North area of the map throughout the Swamp of Greed
  • You will uncover the Duke of Balaton there


Before you go to battle the Duke, simply keep in mind to have fulfilled these requirements:

  • Since he’s a Level 62 boss, it’s prompt that your Gear Level may be at 62 or elevated.
  • It is absolutely useful that you just battle with a clan as he’s fairly troublesome to battle in the direction of.

How to Beat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising


The Duke of Balaton has a extreme effectively being bar and which will make this certainly one of many longest fights that you just’ll must face in V Rising. To maintain ahead, you’ll have to simply keep in mind to dodge as a number of his assaults as attainable. And keep as many therapeutic devices with you as you in all probability can.

This boss has a ton of abilities. Make sure to watch out for his leaping, slamming, and tongue-licking abilities as they’re vicious. His tongue is form of a melee weapon so the hit is that so much worse in contrast.

To defeat him, it’s prompt that you just use long-ranged weapons similar to the crossbow. As properly as defending gear similar to the Bone Shield to dam his assaults. Once he’ll get to 50% effectively being, be sure to get in a position to maintain his hatchlings. As he spawns eggs that you just’ll must battle until he returns.

Once you defeat the Duke of Balaton, it’s doable so that you can to unlock the Toad Form capability. Using this capability, you probably can transform proper right into a toad your self at will.

This was our data on learn to get the state of affairs of the Duke of Balaton and beat him. If you favored this data then check out this data on learn to delete your character in V Rising.