V Rising Defend Castle: How To Protect Base During Raids


While you perceive how you can raid a base in V Rising, what if you end up on the alternative facet in your PvP server? There are some belongings you need to keep in mind to just remember to defend your fortress when you’re being raided in V Rising. Let’s take a look at the most effective methods to protect your base.

How to Protect your Castle/Base During Raids in V Rising


how to protect base v rising

Here’s the whole thing you have to to do sooner than transferring into PvP mode and opening your fortress as a lot as being raided.

Choose the Right Base Location


Before deciding on a location to rearrange your base inside the sport, rigorously check out all the selections you’ve bought. Here’s our info on the best base locations that will allow you to out. Every location may have its professionals and cons. Some could offer you fast entry to rarer sources whereas some may have a helpful and strategic place to assemble your fortress.

If you is perhaps participating in on a PvP server that’s mercilessly aggressive, it’s essential to first check out all the spots and choose the best possible one to assemble your fortress. Players who choose a good spot will face some intense rivals from others and it would be best to defend it often. If you choose one which’s largely ignored by players on account of lack of sources, you obtained’t be a purpose as quite a bit as others will most likely be.

Keep an Eye on the Notifications


Based on the settings on the server, this may occasionally change. But if the selection to see the place the Siege Golem Stone is positioned on the map is obtainable, start performing immediately. This may even ship a notification to all people on the server, so identify for backup and destroy the stone sooner than the Golem spawns. You could ask completely different players to take down the Golem sooner than it reaches your fortress.

Choose the Best Servants To Defend your Castle

Servants are “converted” individuals who will most likely be beneath your administration. They is perhaps despatched on missions exterior or they’ll defend your fortress. Keep in ideas that not every servant is as useful as the alternative. There are some that are the most effective for varied causes.


If you’d prefer to usher in servants for defending your fortress, choose the Warrior Blood kind. Adding to them, you possibly can even have Brute servants to once more you up. Focus on their Faction and Expertise to understand how they’re typically most useful to your vampire.

Put Up Multiple Walls and Doors

If you is perhaps further ahead inside the sport and will deal with to make a difficult maze made up of partitions and doorways, you want to do it. The raiders will ship a Siege Golem to interrupt down your buildings. But the Golem is barely on the market for a restricted time. If you waste their time with a deliberately difficult entrance with a variety of doorways, they could give up or the Golem could merely perish. Another trick to have a “throwaway” fortress sooner than your exact fortress that’s filled with unusual sources, so that you simply’ve bought further time to plan out your subsequent switch.

Here’s a sophisticated and environment friendly building made by Youtuber Serroh, check out this video:

Add Decoy Chests

Apart from an entire decoy fortress, you possibly can even have decoy chests positioned in rooms that the players can try to loot. This will waste the invader’s time and the one issue they’ll get from them are basic devices they didn’t need.

Protect your Rare Items

Ensure you’ll have saved your worthwhile devices in a room that may’t be accessed by the Siege Golem breaking one wall. Make it extra sturdy for the raider to get to and place servants to dam their means.

No two raids could be the same, nevertheless hopefully, the next suggestions, strategies and strategies will allow you to protect and defend your fortress/base larger in V Rising.

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