The Quarry: How To Unlock & Change Outfits


Got The Quarry and may’t uncover the selection to unlock or change character outfits? The selection doesn’t exist inside the sport however. Don’t worry you didn’t study it incorrect the game gives you with every the alternatives shortly. Let us shortly look at how one can unlock outfits in The Quarry and learn to change them.

How to Unlock Outfits in The Quarry


how to unlock outfits in the quarry

You can unlock character Outfits by shopping for the Deluxe Edition of the game. You get the subsequent outfits on purchase:

  • Ryan 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Abigail 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Dylan 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Laura 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Jacob 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Max 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Nick 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Kaitlyn 80s Throwback Outfit
  • Emma 80s Throwback Outfit


These are the acknowledged outfits to this point, there’s moreover a possibility that the game might launch new outfits with the updates. So these outfits could also be unlockable by doing in-game actions. But this part of getting unlockable outfits with updates is just speculation and by no means official.

Other than the outfits Deluxe Edition moreover presents you:

  • Access to the Death Rewind system
  • Gorefest Movie Mode selection
  • Horror History Visual Filter Pack


Do discover getting the Deluxe Edition is just not going to immediately present the outfits. You will get them on eighth July 2022.

How to Change Outfits

At the time of scripting this textual content, there isn’t a acknowledged answer to alter your outfit. The goal for it’s, that the game hasn’t utilized the operate merely however. You will get this operate as outlined sooner than when the outfits launch on eighth July 2022.


That covers this info on learn to unlock & change outfits in The Quarry. If you’re having fun with this sport correct now and need some help then check out our completely different guides on learn to save Dylan, learn to uncover all Tarot Cards, and learn to use demise rewind.