Stray Control Room: How To Get In & What To Do


Stray affords 12 chapters of power-packed Cat journey as you progress to look out the Outside. Control Room is the last word chapter for the orange tabby cat and B-12 as they attain nearer to Outside. Once you power up the Subway and get on the put together, you’ll attain Control Room. Over proper right here, B-12 uncovers the ultimate of his core memory. But there are a couple of points to do sooner than you get to exterior. So, proper right here’s our info on what to do and discover ways to get into Control Room in Stray.

How to Get into the Control Room in Stray (Walkthrough)


For the avid gamers that are unable to get into the Control Room, proper right here’s the way in which you get in:

  • As you and B-12 attain the Control Room from Subway, take the steps to achieve the Control Room.
  • You will see a gate labeled Control Room. But you and B-12 must hack your method contained within the Room.
  • You will see a Robotic Box that has an in-built Follow protocol. Interact with the Box to vary it on.
  • You must make it adjust to to the left of the gate underneath the Control Panel.
  • Interact with the sector as soon as extra, to vary it off.
  • As the Control Panel is sealed, look at the lock to the suitable of the gate.

stray how to get in control room


  • Upon interacting with the lock, the Panel will seemingly be unsealed and unlocked.
  • Now, climb the Robotic subject and scratch the wires to open the Gate.

What to Do In Control Room

As rapidly as you and B-12 bypass the Security to enter the Control Room, all the core reminiscences of B-12 are unlocked. This will set off a cutscene that explains further regarding the Plague and what occurred to humanity.


  • Upon heading inside, look at the principal computer on the end of the room.
  • B-12 will ask you to activate the Computers whereas he hacks one of the simplest ways to get passwords and encrypted keys.
  • There are three rows of pc techniques and also you’ll stroll over them to vary all of them on.
  • The pc techniques will swap to blue as you stroll over them. But make an observation that strolling earlier them as soon as extra can flip them off.

stray computers

  • Once you’ve turned on all the pc techniques, it’s going to set off one different B-12 cutscene.
  • B-12 will ask you to destroy stuff spherical as he hacks the machines. There are three sizeable pc techniques that we now have to destroy.
  • To the suitable of the computer tower, you will notice {that a} Sizeable computer. You can knock down its panel to see its wiring.


stray control room what to do

  • Then, work along with the machine to scratch its wires. While you destroy the machines, go away the hacking half to B-12.
  • For destroying the next sizeable computer, head to the first computer on the end of the room.
  • You will uncover the sizeable computer coated with a prolonged panel.
  • You must pushdownthe panel and work along with the machine to destroy it.
  • Head correct from the Control Panel to look out the ultimate sizeable computer.
  • Its wiring is on the very best. So, soar and climb onto the sizeable computer to work collectively.
  • You will uncover that the hacking will take a bit toll on B-12.
  • But as quickly as he’s all powered down, resolve him up, and place B-12 on the unlocked Roof administration station’s blue panel.

stray control room what to do

  • As you drop him down on the panel, a heart-melting scale back scene will set off.

Furthermore, it doesn’t include many steps considerably than strolling a couple of stairs. Although in case you don’t ideas some spoilers, strive our info to know all of the items regarding the ending of Stray.

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