Splatoon 3: List Of All Bosses Salmonids In Salmon Run


The Salmon run is once more in Spaltoon 3 and there are mnay new bosses to deal with. The sport offers you an entire of 12 of them each with numerous assault patterns and completely completely different weaknesses. But the simplest half is it’s possible you’ll address all of them merely. So on this info permit us to check the entire bosses salmonids in Splatoon 3 which you’ll battle in Salmon run and defeat them.

List of All Salmonid Bosses in Splatoon 3

splatoon 3 all bosses salmonids in salmon run

There are an entire of 11 Salmonid bosses which you’ll face throughout the Salmon run. They are:

  • Big Shot
  • Drizzler
  • Fish Stick
  • Flipper-Flopper
  • Flyfish
  • Maws
  • Scrapper
  • Slammin’ Lid
  • Steel Eel
  • Steelhead
  • Stinger

And a explicit boss that’s King Salmonid usually often called Cohozuna. Here is what you have to discover out about each of them:

Big Shot

big shot

Big shot is a boss that really helps you in a way. It will come to an house to  prepare a canon its private use. The good half is the canon it models up. The unhealthy half is letting it use it. So make sure you use assault and eradicate Big Shot sooner than it would get to utilize the canon. You can use the canon to shoot Golden eggs into the basket straight.

Drizzler – Splatoon 3 Boss in Salmon Run

Drizzler is a boss that carries its defend spherical with it. It will launch rockets after which come out of hiding. When it’s out spam assaults and make it explode. You can also hit its rockets to knock them once more.

Fish Stick

fish stick

Fish Stick is a weird boss it isn’t exactly exhausting considerably a tedious one to deal with. So for those who encounter shoot at its pillar and climb to the very best. Fire the least bit the fishes until they’re destroyed.


Flipper-Flopper will shoot a giant ring on the house the place it’s going to land subsequent. You should rush there and fill this ring collectively along with your ink. So when Flipper-Flopper tries to dive in it obtained’t have the power to. Now shoot at it and make it explode.


You should throw two bombs inside its missile launchers one for each launcher. This will destroy it. But the difficulty is you solely get a quick window for it. Once it closes the Flyfish will start attacking. Its assault targets you and your teammates. You would possibly wish to look ahead to it to stop and open its missile launchers sooner than attempting as soon as extra.

Maws – Salmon Run Boss for Splatoon 3

Maws isn’t a difficult boss to deal with as long as you’re quick. Maws will throw a bait and you may even see inexperienced rings as indications of the place it’s going to spawn. Once you see a bait throw a grenade on it and as quickly as Maws tries to chunk the bait pondering it’s you or certainly one of many teammates. It will eat the grenade in its place and explode.


There are two strategies to deal with it. You can each take the help of a teammate the place one participant distracts it and the alternative one assaults it in its once more. Or the alternative method is to repeatedly assault the Scrapper until it stuns. Once it does, return and shoot at its once more until it destroys.

Slammin’ Lid

slammin lid

Slammin’ Lid is one different easy boss to deal with in Salmon runs. There are two points you’ll be able to do. Either go to a greater flooring which helps you to straight aim its head. Shoot its head until it explodes. Or go inside its slamming differ and shortly exit it sooner than it slams into you. It will slam to the underside and it’s possible you’ll climb the lid when it does to start attacking its head.

Steel Eel

Steel Eel is much like Scrapper possibly even less complicated. Unlike the scrapper, it’s possible you’ll clearly see the driving pressure on the once more. The method is very like letting one participant distract whereas the alternative assaults its behind. If you’re having fun with alone then it’s possible you’ll try and straight go behind for attacking. Make sure to be on the switch as it might merely flip the eel once more to assault.


Shoot the bomb on its head to make it explode on itself. This will take care of it and likewise cease it to launch the bomb in direction of the participant. If Steelhead manages to launch its bomb then it covers the realm with ink upon explosion.


Stinger is one different certainly one of many enemies on the higher facet. It has plenty of dirty pots that it has stacked to current itself peak for attacking. Your goal is to shoot down each of these pots. Once all pots are gone you’ll eradicate the Stinger.

King Salmonid Cohozuna

Lastly, it’s a boss which you’ll encounter not usually till you choose to make it spawn. There are two strategies of dealing with it. You can spam assault at it collectively along with your weapons. And when you could have golden eggs obtainable then you possibly can even use them to assault it.

That covers this info on all of the model new salmonid bosses in Splatoon 3 which you’ll battle throughout the Salmon run. If you’re planning to deal with salmon runs then check out our best weapons tier report that can enable you address these bosses merely.

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