Sniper Elite 5: How To Get Into Marcel’s Attic


Sniper Elite 5 holds a great deal of hidden places and missions which shall be powerful for you should you’re new to the game. To progress further throughout the recreation you’ll must full these missions and entry these places. The phrases get into Marcel’s Attic in Sniper Elite 5 will sound difficult correct now as anyone would assume how laborious can that be? Let’s try it out then.

How to Get into the Attic in Sniper Elite 5


Get Into Marcel Attic in Sniper Elite 5

If you is perhaps in Mission 1 and have come all through the title Marcel you then’ll understand this question. How laborious can it’s to get into attic? It’s unlikely laborious you in all probability have carried out this recreation fairly a bit since you already discover out about the vines. Or maybe you merely missed the vines exterior Marcel’s house.

If you is perhaps nonetheless confused, let’s get you up to the mark. Marcel is a Resistance member holding onto a key that opens his safe. He is throughout the attic of the house with no stairs to climb up to the attic.


So to climb into the attic you’ll must exit and use the vines that head to the window of the attic. Once you climb these vines you’ll attain the attic and might uncover Marcel ineffective. Search Marcel and also you’ll get Marcel’s key.

The attic moreover has some objects, property and instruments which could be of use to you. To get down you’ll be capable of merely dismantle the planks which had been defending the attic hatchway. Jump down and go ahead to Marcel’s room and also you’ll uncover the safe hidden throughout the flooring. You will recuperate the Resistance Intel that Marcel was hiding from the Germans.

That’s all you need on get into Marcel’s attic in Sniper Elite 5. While you is perhaps proper right here, check out List Of All Kill Challenges, How To Invade Friends and totally different guides, solutions and strategies on Gamer Tweak.