Sims 4: Wants And Fears Explained


Sims 4 has these days launched the model new Highschool Years enlargement pack. With that, there have been some modifications to the underside pack of the game. The new additions have been pretty thrilling to this point nonetheless certainly one of many excessive additions is Wants and Fears. Reminiscent of the wishes and fears of Sims 2, this addition has dormant players even come once more to the game merely to try it out. And so, the inquiries to be requested now are, what are wishes and fears? And how do they affect gameplay? In this data, we reply every of these questions. Here is your Sims 4 data on wishes and fears.

What are Wants and Fears in Sims 4?


What are Wants and Fears in Sims 4

Here is each half that you might study Wants and Fears in Sims 4.



Wants are similar to whims inside the sport. Similar, not the similar. This is on account of wishes are additional in tune with the Sim’s character and aspirations moderately than merely being random. Whims often irritated most players as they’d pop up for no trigger and had no lasting outcomes on the game. Wants alternatively are of three varieties. These are long-term, short-term, and reactionary. Your sim can solely have three wishes at a time and these are usually certainly one of many three lessons.

Long-term wishes are going to stay for a while even after they don’t take too prolonged to fulfill. Short-term wishes are quick and simple to do and alter fairly often. Lastly, reactionary wishes are completely primarily based totally on the whims and fancy of the sim. This want is generally a mixture of your Sim’s character and their setting. If your desires are low, your reactionary wishes may be all about fulfilling them.

There are rewards for ending wishes as successfully. These rewards come as Satisfaction components inside the sport. You can then spend these components inside the rewards retailer. But ignoring a necessity has no precise repercussions other than rising a Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams. And you might’t merely click on on them away like Whims nonetheless they do change often to take care of points attention-grabbing.


On the other hand, there are wishes that you might be actually need to full. However, at the moment, merely don’t have the time to do. You can merely pin these wishes so that they don’t get rolled away. This will make it possible for these wishes don’t go away until you full them.


Fears are significantly additional mandatory on this addition. Now, you might each stay away from the explanation for this fear or just face it head on. You don’t start the game with a fear nonetheless develop it as you play. For occasion, in case your Sim faces a fireplace that went out of hand in some unspecified time sooner or later, they might get a fear of fires inside the sport.


You can uncover these fears inside the information panel of your Sim. Hover over the trait to go looking out out why your sim goes by the use of this fear and the way one can overcome it. Dependent in your traits, you’ll each get positive fears or be free of others. For occasion, vampires don’t develop a fear of the darkish. However, sims that are additional anxious will fear each sort of points like public speaking.

Fears appear subsequent to wishes in a additional jagged pop up cloud not just like the tender cloud that needs are in. You can uncover out what the concern is focused on after which overcome it immediately. Using these fears, you might create additional progressive storylines inside the sport.

List of Fears

Here are all of the fears that you simply’ll face when having fun with Sims 4:

Fear Possible Triggers Overcome By
Being Judged Caused by Mean interactions accomplished to your Sim Figure out variations with totally different Sims
Being Cheated On Bad WooHoo with companion or insufficient interaction with sim’s companion Talk about relationship Fears collectively along with your companion
Crowded Places Being on a crowded lot Be humorous when in a crowded place
Cowplant Getting swallowed by a Cowplant Milking a Cowplant whereas assured
Death Witnessing the dying of a beloved one Discuss Fear of Death with totally different Sims or give a Death Flower to the Grim Reaper
Dead End Job Not gaining a promotion in a really very long time Click in your Sim and select regain passion sooner than going to work
Failure Crafting poor prime quality objects or having poor work effectivity Show off one factor that you just’ve crafted or ask for a effectivity analysis whereas at work
Fire Experiencing a fireplace Extinguishing a fireplace
Ghosts Going by the use of a scary ghost encounter Fighting a Ghost
Swimming Going by the use of a scary experience whereas swimming Confidently swimming for an hour
The Dark Going by the use of a scary encounter at night time time Feel assured when exterior at night time time
Unfulfilled Dreams Not ending any Wants for a really very long time Fulfill a necessity, after which discussing Fears with totally different Sims

This was your data on each half there could also be to study wishes and fears in Sims 4. If you found this data helpful, do that data on the most effective Sims 4 custom-made content material materials.