Roblox Apeirophobia: How To Beat Level 8


Many players are caught at stage 8 of Apeirophobia and are looking out for a method to beat it. This stage could also be pretty troublesome, as a result of related pathways making it easy to get misplaced. But determining one of the simplest ways can help you full the extent inside minutes. So with out extra ado permit us to look at learn to beat the extent 8 of Roblox Apeirophobia.

How to Beat the Level 8 of Apeirophobia


roblox aperiophobia beat level 8
Image Credit: Neekoft on YouTube

To beat stage 8 of this sport first uncover the large room with quite a few chairs, then the inexperienced mild, and finally the pink mild. Once you uncover the pink mild the escape is great easy. But the first step will be the largest problem. Follow this path to get to the exit:

  1. Run straight until you’ve handed three huge corridors.
  2. Next, flip correct and take the first left proper right here.
  3. Turn correct and switch ahead then take a left from the first pillar.
  4. Again, protect going straight then take the first correct. You should be throughout the hallway that has decisions to go on both facet.
  5. Take a second left proper right here after which the second correct. You ought to realize the huge room with chairs and lights.
  6. Keep working straight ahead until you see a niche on the becoming and a locker.
  7. Hide inside this locker until the creature passes you. This can take some time counting on the place the creature is. When it’s near, you probably can acknowledge it by its footsteps.
  8. Once it passes you exit the locker and run straight into the hallway merely beside it.
  9. Keep working until you come all through a inexperienced mild.
  10. Take a correct from the inexperienced mild house then an instantaneous left.
  11. Here, observe the pure path and you must come all through a pink mild.
  12. Turn correct to the room the place the pink mild is and you’ll observe a ladder going up.
  13. Use the ladder to flee.


Once you escape you’ll exit the realm and full stage 8 of this sport.

That covers the whole thing you must find out about learn to beat the extent 8 of Apeirophobia in Roblox. You should additionally check out our Roblox guides, if this isn’t the one Roblox sport you play. And for further help with totally different video video games check out Gamer Tweak.