Pokemon Legends Arceus: How To Evolve Sliggoo To Goodra


With numerous Pokemon obtainable on the massive lands of the Hisui space, you gotta catch ’em all. While touring the areas, you’ll come all through fairly just a few Pokemon and one amongst them is Sliggoo. While Sliggoo is developed from a Level 40 Goomy, how does it Evolve to Goodra? This info has all you need on this acknowledged topic. So let’s check out this info and see one of the best ways to evolve Sliggoo to Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How to Evolve Sliggoo to Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus


Pokemon Legends Arceus Evolve Sliggoo

As talked about earlier, a Sliggoo is developed when a Goomy reaches Level 40. To evolve Sliggoo to Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus, it has to satisfy two requirements:

  • The Sliggoo must be diploma 50 or above to be developed further.
  • And it must be raining while you evolve Sliggoo to Goodra. The location of the map doesn’t matter as long as there’s rain.


Sliggoo is an in depth resemblance to a snail. It moreover carries a shell on its once more that it makes use of every now and then. The shell helps it with a sooner movement whereas it moreover helps it float. Sliggoo makes use of its slime to fend off predators and attributable to its developed blindness might even be perilous to companions.

While Goodra might sometimes be deemed weak for its nice nature, it’s by no means weak when it has to wrestle. Being a slimy character like its earlier evolutions, their slimy traits are one factor you may need to keep watch of.

Their horns and tails are extremely efficient when it comes to hurting your enemies. Additionally, Goodra and its pre-evolution are the one Pokemon that know the Shelter Move. Since the Hisuian Goodra is clingy, they may get indignant in case their companions aren’t there.


That’s all you need on one of the best ways to Evolve Sliggoo in Pokemon Legends Arceus. While you’re proper right here, we now have further Pokemon Guides that you just’ll like at Gamer Tweak.