Payday 2: How To Get C4 (Trip Mines)


It’s been almost a decade since Payday 2 was launched and it’s nonetheless going sturdy amongst the avid gamers. The action-packed first-shooter has quite a lot of weapons and journey mines to fight in direction of armed laws all through heists. While there are lots of journey mines to set off explosions, avid gamers are notably searching for C4. You can use them to breach locked doorways, safes, and armored vans. But strategies to get them? Here’s our info on strategies to get the C4 in Payday 2.

How to Get a C4 in Payday 2


You can get them by unlocking the Shaped value capacity and altering the Trip mines into C4. But there are some stipulations and steps to unlock it. They are as follows:

  • You must be a minimum of on diploma 36 or above.
  • You need 42 Skill elements to unlock the Shaped Charge capacity.
  • Once you ace this capacity, you presumably can place the C4s or Shaped value to set off explosions.
  • They could be positioned to unlock safes, armed vans, doorways, and gates, and inflict harm.
  • Due to them being explosive, they don’t appear to be acceptable for ending stealth-based goals.

payday 2 c4


How to Use a C4

  • You can place a C4 onto an object and step aside. It will explode in just a few seconds after inserting it.
  • Hold and press the F key to place the C4.
  • Although the important capacity supplies solely three C4, an Aced capacity can add six C4 explosives to your inventory.
  • Further ahead, you can also apply further experience with the C4. Here are all the abilities that could be utilized with the fashioned value:
    • Unlocking the Technician
    • Demolition Man
    • Combat Engineer
    • Hardware Expert
    • Tactical Mines
    • Jack of All Trades

That’s all of the items lined about strategies to get a C4 in Payday 2. If you most popular this info, strive our info on strategies to get the Jacket Character pack in Payday 2 correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.