Overwatch – How To Get League Tokens In 2022


Overwatch is a vibrant team-based shooter with teams having distinctive Heroes. In this sport, we’re in a position to get completely completely different and distinctive skins for each Hero. But there are a few skins that are so distinctive that to amass them, you’ll require a positive foreign exchange. That foreign exchange is League Tokens. In this data, I’ll current you get Overwatch League Tokens in 2022.

How to Get Overwatch League Tokens in 2022


overwatch league tokens

Overwatch League Tokens are pretty easy to get as you don’t should do quite a bit. All you could do is watch Overwatch League matches. For every hour that you just watch these video video games, you’re going to get 5 League Tokens. You will solely get them in case you watch the matches on eligible platforms. Those platforms are Youtube & Twitch. Link your Battle.web account with the platforms & permit notifications so that you just don’t miss any matches. If you is perhaps unable to watch these matches, don’t concern as your watch time is cumulative. So you could watch these matches occasionally nonetheless solely when they’re dwell and also you’ll earn League Tokens once you watch an hour.

Once you might have watched for sufficient hours, your League Tokens is perhaps delivered to your Battle.web Account inside 48 hours. Redeem these Tokens once you get them. For that, you’ll must have a legit Overwatch sport license. Players that play Overwatch on Xbox One, PlayStation4, or Nintendo Switch platforms might want to have their Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo account linked to their Battle.web account respectively. If you is perhaps having points with linking your accounts in any other case you haven’t obtained the Overwatch League Tokens then focus on with Blizzard’s article for the same.


This was all about getting the Overwatch League Tokens throughout the sport. Hopefully, this data has helped you. You can also strive our completely different guides like How To Save Highlights in Overwatch.