Oculus Quest 2 – Controller Not Working Issue Fix


The Oculus Quest 2 is a Virtual Reality Headset that allows a client to immerse themselves throughout the Digital World. Developed by Facebook Reality Labs, it’s the successor of the Oculus Quest. The Headset does a great job of immersing avid gamers into the VR realm nevertheless sometimes some factors pop up & hinder it. One such downside that will occur is the Controller Not Working error. In this data, I’ll current you straightforward strategies to Fix the Controller Not Working downside on the Oculus Quest 2.

How to Fix the Controller Not Working downside on Oculus Quest 2


controller not working issue fix oculus quest 2
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There could very effectively be only a few causes that set off the Controller Not Working downside on Oculus Quest 2. The predominant trigger is that there’s prone to be a difficulty with the Battery of the Controller. Here is what could very effectively be incorrect:

  • The Battery is out of Power.
  • The battery dimension may not be matching the Oculus Quest 2.
  • Over time, the Battery pins of the Oculus Quest 2 may have loosened up.
  • There is prone to be some details with the Controller itself.


The Oculus Quest 2 makes use of disposable AA batteries by default. So once you don’t have the rechargeable ones then these are these you should be using. If the Battery has exhausted its power then you definately’ll must get some new ones. Over time, the pins that preserve the Battery in place may loosen up. As such chances are high you’ll must get that checked by Meta Support. There is a technique of doing it by way of using Aluminum foil nevertheless I extraordinarily don’t advocate doing it. If even after the Battery has been modified and the Controller Not Working downside persists on the Oculus Quest 2 then chances are high you’ll must contact Meta Support.

Usually, the issue will get mounted by reconnecting the Headset with the Controllers or by following the above steps. this was all about fixing the Controller Not Working downside on Oculus Quest 2. Hopefully, this data has helped you. You can also study our guides like Oculus Quest 2 Black Screen Fix.