MultiVersus: Tips To Play Mage Class


MultiVersus is the epic crossover platform combating recreation that has been launched for open beta by Warner Bros. The recreation has unlockable primary characters from Warner Bros., DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. At the time of writing, there are 17 unlockable characters with 2 additional to return shortly. MultiVersus has utterly completely different character programs that could be chosen relying upon play sort. While each character has its private skill set irrespective of their class, some similarities may very well be seen. This data has the recommendations you would possibly need to play and grasp the Mage Class in MultiVersus. Since it’s a tricky class, we propose you check out this data sooner than you start practising with the Mages.

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Tips to Play Mage Class in MultiVersus

MultiVersus How To Play Mage Class

This class is type of robust to know nonetheless extraordinarily sturdy in the event you obtain this. Thus on the time of writing, there are solely two characters inside the recreation, Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry. Rick will even play as a mage class nonetheless he’s however to be launched inside the MultiVersus Roster. Additionally, it’s pretty very important to know what makes a mage so sturdy.


What Makes Mage Class Strong?

Firstly, the mage class is good at prolonged distances in MultiVersus, nonetheless within the case of shut administration, they’re nowhere decrease than completely different avid gamers. While they perform an entire lot of projectiles of their bag of strategies, their crowd administration helps take the battle up shut. If there’s a phrase that could be dedicated to mages, it’d undoubtedly be tricksters.

With their wholesale of projectiles and strong normals, they’ll singlehandedly defeat many various characters. Like in the event you occur to pair the biggest combos and the biggest perks for Bugs Bunny, you may be pretty extremely efficient in battle, just about identical to the darkish aspect of the drive.


How to Play as Mage

As a mage class in MultiVersus, your first step to participating on this class is to know the timing of the strikes. Once you’ve gotten a grasp of what your character does, you’ll be capable of then proceed to battle with completely different avid gamers. Here are some points that you could be mindful:

  • As a mage, you want to hit your Projectiles as so much as you’ll be capable of. While they’re in cooldown, you’ll be capable of administration the game alongside along with your shut administration combos.
  • If you could be afraid to get nearer to your opponent, you’ll lose brownie components as one sort is just not going to decrease it with this class.
  • While you play as a Mage Class in MultiVersus, on a regular basis lead your opponents to the place you want them to be. Set your projectiles after which get some melee assaults in, giving fewer and fewer time to your opponent.
  • Although they every are Mage Class in MultiVersus, the play sort of Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry is type of utterly completely different. You need to understand what works biggest in your character.
  • Lastly, we moreover counsel you get used to the feints of your character. This is extraordinarily useful in case you might be baiting an opponent.


Although the mage class is hard to know, they’re most likely the best within the case of offense. Offense is the best Defense and these characters are proving merely that. And in case you might be questioning which perks go biggest with these characters, check out this Perks Tier List and choose to your self.

That’s all you need on Tips to Play Mage Class in MultiVersus. While you could be proper right here, make sure you check out our MultiVersus Guides for additional such content material materials with Gamer Tweak.