MultiVersus: Can You Change Lobby Character?


MultiVersus is the epic crossover recreation launched by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The recreation has unlockable primary characters from Warner Bros., DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. While there are 19 playable characters on the time of writing, 17 are unlockable and two additional are to return rapidly. While players have cherished the open beta, they’ve seen one factor. For all players, the lobby character is comparable. This has them questioning within the occasion that they can change Lobby Character in MultiVersus? If you’re looking for the equivalent, this info has the entire options you’re looking for.

Can You Change Lobby Character in MultiVersus?


MultiVersus Change Lobby Character

The reply is No. Unfortunately, the game mechanism doesn’t help you to vary the Lobby Character. Players are caught with Wonder Woman it doesn’t matter what character they choose to play. While the lobby character isn’t unhealthy, it does give a method of being monotonous. Despite what your various is, the lobby character is perhaps Wonder Woman and that gained’t change.

Although this might change with future updates lined up. Additionally, there isn’t any such factor as a phrase from the devs whether or not or not it’s a bug or a deliberate perform. However, MultiVersus stays to be an open Beta and which suggests the devs are actively taking suggestions from players.


If you wish to contact the devs and provide suggestions, you’ll be capable of contact MultiVersus Support. Additionally, the devs have at present been full of life on the MultiVersus Twitter internet web page as properly. You can try giving suggestions there as properly.

Additionally, this can be termed solely a small hiccup as compared with what the game has been offering. And whereas it’s not attainable to rule out future bugs and factors, the game stays to offer players with leisure and straightforward gameplay.

That’s all you need from this info on can you Change Lobby Character in MultiVersus. While you’re proper right here, don’t miss out on our MultiVersus Guides, Unlock Skins, Get Gleamium, and further on Gamer Tweak.