How To Get Gold Ingots In V Rising


Gold Ingot shouldn’t be an easy commodity to hunt out in V Rising. Actually it’s essential to make it your self using the recipe which is obtained by defeating ‘Azariel The Sunbringer’. To uncover methods to get Gold Ingots in V Rising maintain finding out beneath.

How to Get Gold Ingots in V Rising


V Rising Azariel Location

To make Gold Ingots in V Rising it’s advisable first unlock the recipe. Pick up the trail of V-Blood boss Azariel The Sunbringer out of your blood altar. You can uncover him contained within the Brighthaven Castle. He is a Level 68 boss so it’s going to be greater if you happen to’re ready for the issue.

Azariel has an amazing hurt dealing ranged assault and he summons a Sphere from time to time. You can merely escape the ranged assaults nevertheless the Sphere explodes in an enormous radius so make sure to are away from that radius. Keep your distance and maintain hitting with magic and in addition you shall defeat him merely.


Find Gold in V Rising

The solely worry on this fight is the Holy Radiation diploma being too extreme. You don’t must fall down in the middle of the fight so make sure to are considerably stocked up on Holy Resistance flasks. Apart from this the boss fight could be a simple one and also you’re going to get the recipe.

Once the recipe is unlocked loot through the cities in quest of Golden Jewellery since that’s what it’s advisable make Gold Ingots. 8 Golden Jewellery and eight Sulphur when melted in a simple furnace presents you a Gold Ingot.


The Gold Ingot will come useful in enhancing armor safety and rising weapon hurt. That is the best way you get Gold Ingots in V Rising, it’s additionally doable to strive the correct technique to make glass, the correct technique to get copper ore and copper ingots and totally different V Rising guides, options and strategies correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.