How To Get A Boat In Genshin Impact (Waverider Controls)


The Waverider is a automobile that players can use in Genshin Impact to journey from one part of the map to a special after the discharge of mannequin 1.6. If you’re questioning recommendations on learn how to get a ship in Genshin Impact, recommendations on learn how to summon it and what are the controls to navigate and battle with it, this info will allow you out.

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How to Get & Summon a Boat (Waverider) in Genshin Impact

how to summon use waverider genshin

First that it’s essential to unlock the Waverider Waypoint throughout the Inazuma space and Golden Apple Archipelago.


waverider waypoint locations
image courtesy: Genshin Impact Interactive Map

Players should attain AR 30 to get to this space and one different prerequisite is to full the Archon Quest Chapter 2: Prologue – Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves. Once you get to the Waverider Waypoint, activate it to summon the boat. Swim to its precise location and get on it by pressing the button rapid. Now you’re ready to utilize it to journey to a special location by means of water.

Waverider Controls – How to Use Boat


PC Controls

  • F Key: Get on the Boat
  • Heavy Cannon – E Key
  • Swiftstrike Cannon – Left Mouse Click
  • Acceleration – Right Mouse Click/Shift
  • Leave the Boat/Waverider – Hold Space:

PS Controls


  • Square: Get on Waverider
  • Swiftstrike Cannon – Circle
  • Heavy Cannon – R2
  • Acceleration – R1
  • Leave the Boat/Waverider – Hold X

Mobile Controls

  • Swiftstrike Cannon – Middle Button
  • Heavy Cannon – Lower Left Button
  • Acceleration – Lower Right Button
  • Leave the Boat/Waverider – Hold Jump Button

Things to Remember in regards to the Waverider

  • Players can use the boat assaults to each hurt enemies from the Waverider itself or it’s best to use it to destroy Hilichurl buildings which may be underwater.
  • You can use the engine stamina to increase the rate of your boat and that’s completely totally different out of your character’s stamina.
  • The boat moreover has some HP and for many who use the Waverider Repair Toolbox gadget, you presumably can restore 50%. In case the boat will get dealt quite a few hurt and its HP turns into zero, you could be away from it. Meanwhile, you acquired’t take hurt if you end up contained within the boat. But in the event you want to come out, you could as properly self-eject by pressing and holding the spacebar key.

This is all that it’s essential to know sooner than embarking on a ship journey in Genshin Impact. For additional options and recommendations on the game, attempt our related class on Gamer Tweak.