Genshin Impact: Best Pyro Characters Ranked & Tier List


There are a whole of 10 Pyro characters in Genshin Impact, nevertheless not all of them are the right. Hence deciding which in order so as to add to your crew shall be pretty a ache. But there are some parts you possibly can ponder when deciding which is worth being part of your crew. So on this data permit us to check the Tier List of Best Pyro Characters for Genshin Impact and be taught the place each character ranks.

Best Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact Ranked in a Tier List


genshin impact best pyro characters tier list

Before we get into this Tier List keep in mind that’s merely my rankings of the right Pyro characters in Genshin Impact. You is probably using one other character and should actually really feel these rankings and tiers often should not justified for them. So now permit us to shortly check this document.


Ranking Character Tier Rarity Weapon
10 Amber D-Tier 4 Stars Bow
9 Xinyan C-Tier 4 Stars Claymore
8 Thoma C-Tier 4 Stars Polearm
7 Diluc B-Tier 5 Stars Claymore
6 Yanfei B-Tier 4 Stars Catalyst
5 Yoimiya A-Tier 5 Stars Bow
4 Xiangling A-Tier 4 Stars Polearm
3 Klee A-Tier 5 Stars Catalyst
2 Benett S-Tier 4 Stars Sword
1 Hu Tao S-Tier 5 Stars Polearm

Let us be taught a bit regarding the excessive 5 characters.


1. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a 5-star character in Genshin impression that makes use of Polearm. She is 1st on this document merely resulting from her extreme harm output. When used appropriately she’s going to have the ability to merely deal very extreme harm, significantly when as compared with totally different characters inside the document. The higher half is her balanced strikes. She can’t solely address common and AoE assaults that do common harm. But her elemental expertise and elemental burst allow her to moreover deal Pyro and AoE harm. Hence, she is an absolute S-Tier Pyro character. The solely draw back with this character is buying her shall be pretty sturdy.

2. Bennett – Best Pyro Characters Ranked Genshin Impact

Bennett is a 4-star character that makes use of a sword in Genshin Impact. He has good harm output and is significantly close to Hu Tao nevertheless is best when used as a help character. Not solely are his buffs good nevertheless he moreover works successfully as a healer. And equivalent to Hu Tao, he has you lined with every kind of standard and AoE assaults that deal common and Pyro harm. So considering all of these particulars Bennett is worthy of being an S-Tier character.

3. Klee

Klee is an environment friendly choice to utilize as a Main DPS character. She is a 5-star character that makes use of Catalyst. All of her assaults are AoE Pyro harm centered, so do you have to plan on tough hordes of enemies that are weak to Pyro then this A-Tier character is definitely worth choosing.


4. Xiangling

Xiangling is a 4-star character in Genshin Impact that makes use of a Polearm. The two largest causes she is doubtless one of many best is her AoE harm and you’re going to get her with out spending a dime. Her means Pyronado summons a pyronado around her that provides Pyro harm to any enemy that’s obtainable in its contact. But whereas her elemental burst is highly effective, she’s going to have the ability to moreover summon Gouba that breathes fireside to deal AoE harm to the enemies. This is the place her being free to get is out there in, this character would have been a bit lower do you have to wanted to pay money for her using totally different methods. But fortuitously that isn’t the case, all it’s important to do is apparent the Chamber 3 of Floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss to get her. Keeping these items in ideas we’re in a position to conclude she is an environment friendly A-Tier character.

5. Yoimiya – Genshin Impact Best Pyro Characters Tier List

Yoimiya is a 5-star character inside the sport. Her weapon of choice is Bow. She is a superb character for targetting single enemies. But whereas she excels there she suffers a bit regarding her AoE harm. Considering all of these she is definitely an A-Tier character.

That sums up this Tier document of the right Pyro characters in Genshin Impact and their rankings. If you liked this document then moreover check our totally different Tier Lists. And for further points about this sport check out our totally different Genshin Impact guides.