Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Merge Allies


Fire Emblem Heroes lets you merge allies to get greater heroes. This is a neat mechanism that means that you can take your duplicate heroes and put them to good use. And that use is to spice up the prevailing hero that you just may already be using. So on this info permit us to check strategies to Merge Allies in Fire Emblem Heroes, and examine their outcomes.

How to Merge Allies in Fire Emblem Heroes


fire emblem heroes feh how to merge allies
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Merging Allies on this recreation is pretty simple. You need to have two of the equivalent heroes to merge. Here is its course of:

  1. Tap on the Allies button.
  2. Next, faucet on Advanced Growth.
  3. Here faucet on Merge Allies.
  4. Tap on the Lose slot and then the hero you not wish to put it there.
  5. Similarly, faucet on the Enhance slot and then the hero you want to improve to maneuver it there.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. The recreation will then give you a warning and particulars in regards to the revenue you get from merging.
  8. Once you is likely to be constructive click on on on the Confirm button.
  9. This gives you with a final popup, toaffirm you want to merge faucet on Inherit. You get these popups on account of if you merge the two heroes you lose the hero you positioned on the Lose slot.


Remember the heroes need to be the equivalent not merely their names. So as an illustration you can’t merge Alfonse: Askran Duo with Alfonse: Prince of Askr. But you presumably can merge Alfonse: Prince of Askr with one different Alfonse: Prince of Askr. Irrespective of its rarity.

Merging Effects in FEH

Here are the completely completely different conditions of merging and the advantages you get from them:


  • Merging a lower star hero with the subsequent star hero
    • You get additional SP
  • Merging the subsequent star hero with a lower star hero
    • It reduces the hero’s unlock potential and feather worth whereas giving improved stats and additional SP.
  • Merging a beforehand merged hero with a non-merged hero
    • The non-merged hero helpful properties the sooner hero’s merges. It moreover will get improved stats and additional SP.
  • Merging two heroes of the equivalent rarity
    • 4 Stars or beneath: You get lowered feather worth and unlock potential. You moreover get further SP and improved stats.
    • 5 Stars: You get further stats and improved stats.
  • Merging a hero (inherited talents) with one different hero (elementary talents)
    • The new hero will get all inherited and elementary talents. They moreover get the realized standing.
  • Merging a hero (refined weapon) with one different hero (elementary weapon)
    • The new hero will get the refined weapon along with its realized standing.
  • Merging a hero (conferred blessing) with one different hero (no conferred blessing)
    • The new hero will get the conferred blessing.
  • Merging a hero (Dragonflower enhancements) with one different hero (with lesser or no enhancements)
    • The new hero will get the enhancements. But they don’t get combined.

Thanks to Fire Emblem Heroes Fandom for his or her data on these outcomes.

That covers the whole thing it’s important to do to Merge Allies in Fire Emblem Heroes. Since you need collaborating on this recreation I counsel you check our completely different guides on strategies to get sacred seals, get shards, and get SP on this recreation.