Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Get SP Fast


A way-based RPG, Fire Emblem Heroes is a sport the place avid gamers develop their hero’s skills, go on epic quests and take part in intense battles to return out on the very best. This implies that it is advisable to determine the appropriate heroes when going into battle. Understanding and getting extreme skill components is significant for the occasion of your hero. In this textual content, we’re going to make clear what skill components SP are and one of the best ways to get them fast in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH).

What Does SP Mean in Fire Emblem Heroes?


Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH): How To Get SP Fast

SP means Skill Points in Fire Emblem Heroes. These are used to skill up your heroes throughout the sport.

How to Get Skill Points Fast in FEH?


The best method to get skill components is through the subsequent:

Defeating Enemies

Defeat enemies which could be inside 7 ranges of your current rank. You can’t obtain SPs in case your hero defeats an enemy that’s additional than 7 ranges lower.


Training Tower

You can grind for SP throughout the Training Tower. Here, you presumably can put together on the seventh and eighth Strata to get 12 SP with every 4 foes that you simply simply defeat.

Tempest Trials


Using the least amount of stamina, you presumably can obtain SP by the use of these trials. The downside ranges are certain to give you tons of skill components as you go.

Double SP Weekends

The Double SP Weekends are the perfect cases to get additional skill components. From Friday to Sunday, you’re going to get double the components throughout the sport.

Through Skills

You could even get additional SPs by your self by using certain skills throughout the sport. These are teaching skills identical to the Valor skills which give as a lot as 12 cases the power components per sortie throughout the sport.

Other Ways to Double SP in FEH

  • Leveling up Heroes
  • Raising by the use of Merge Allies
  • Using Chain Challenge

This was our data on what skill components (SP) are in Fire Emblem Heroes along with the perfect strategies to get them in FEH. If you favored this textual content then check out this one on the Fire Emblem Heroes FEH tier report.