Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op Mod: How To Download & Install


After you’ve received completed Elden Ring and likewise executed with the NG+, the one issue that may maintain you hooked is the coop or pvp multiplayer facet of the game. Now, there’s a mod that may make it simpler to play with friends and make the game way more fulfilling. The mod we’re talking about is the Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op mod which might make the coop facet less complicated and don’t have any restrictions imposed by the distinctive recreation. Here’s the correct approach to get hold of, arrange this mod and uncover out if avid gamers can get banned for using it or not.

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How to Download & Install Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op Mod

  • Head to NexusMods.com for the mod by Lukeyui (hyperlink).
  • Read the entire changes that the mod makes inside the recreation.
  • Click on the Download button on the internet web page.

download seamless coop mod elden ring


  • Extract the package deal deal that you just downloaded.
  • Move the data to your Elden Ring folder which must be on this path:
    • C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonELDENRINGGame
  • Edit “cooppassword.ini” to your chosen co-op password.
how to install seamless coop mod
provide: Nexusmods
  • Launch the mod by clicking on the launch_elden_ring_seamless_coop.exe file.
  • All avid gamers planning to play together with this mod, will need to have it downloaded and put in appropriately.
  • Whenever that you must play with this mod, use this launcher. If that you must play the standard recreation, you might run it as you do usually.


At the time of writing, this mod is in early beta stage so some bugs are anticipated.

Can you get Banned for using this Elden Ring Coop Mod?

As per the define on Nexus Mods, you obtained’t get banned for using this coop mod inside the recreation. That’s on account of it prevents avid gamers from connecting to FromSoftware’s matchmaking servers. Plus, it makes use of save info which is likely to be completely completely different compared with the non-modded base recreation.EAC is disabled whereas using this mod, so must you stay away from trying to intentionally hook up with the vanilla recreation avid gamers, you obtained’t get banned.


Keep in ideas that you shouldn’t revert the mod save info once more to vanilla save info on account of this will likely get you banned. The save info must be completely completely different from the underside recreation info.

Is this mod applicable with completely different Elden Ring mods?

The compatibility has not been examined, so it’s as a lot as the shoppers to check whether or not or not the mods you’re using start to malfunction or intrude with each other.

How to Delete this Mod?

All that you must do is delete the Seamless coop info that you just downloaded, extracted and pasted into the Elden Ring folder.

What are the Changes made by Seamless Coop Mod

Here’s the official description from the Nexus Mods net web page:

With this mod, it’s theoretically potential to play the game from the tutorial as a lot as the final word boss completely in a single co-op session.

  • If a participant dies, they might respawn within the similar world on the ultimate bonfire they rested at. The session gained’t be terminated.
  • Defeating enemy bosses and clearing areas not sends co-operators dwelling.
  • All fog partitions/obstacles that usually restrict the multiplayer zone (along with their respective teleports) are gone.
  • All avid gamers can use torrent (assuming they’ve the whistle) in a session collectively.
  • When one participant rests at a Site of Grace, the world state will reset for all avid gamers. This is vital to cease enemy desync.
  • All map waypoints will synchronize, allowing you to navigate the world in a bunch less complicated.
  • Game growth events completed in on-line play will even progress the game in your particular person world.
  • Players are free to find the entire recreation map (overworld, underground, legacy dungeons, and so forth.) collectively, and can break up up if they need.
  • The stake of Marika is disabled in on-line play, as a result of it causes connection points.
  • As the mod runs the game with Easy Anti-Cheat disabled. You are free to make use of various mods (e.g. recreation overhauls) along with your friends, equipped that everyone inside the social gathering has them put in. Please be respectful to your fellow co-operators, and refrain from using mods in the event that they don’t appear to be welcome.
  • Frequent disconnections resulting in packet loss and bugs with Elden Ring’s implementation of Easy Anti-Cheat will not be an issue.
  • A streamlined connection system implies that co-operators could be a part of the host from anyplace on this planet. So even must you do disconnect, you might in a short while re-join and proceed the place you left off.

Don’t neglect to be taught the changes of their entirety on the official mod net web page.

That’s all for this one. If you’d want to know the correct approach to get the Ascended Mod in Elden Ring as properly, check out our linked info proper right here.