Elden Ring: How To Beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke


Festering Fingerprint Vyke is no doubt one of many few enemies that you’d have the ability to beat twice in Elden Ring. He has two varieties one as an invader and one as a boss. And stopping every of them is value it because of the rewards. The fights are moreover fairly easy as quickly as you acknowledge his strikes. So on this info permit us to check how one can beat the Festering Fingerprint Vyke and Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring.

How to Beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke in Elden Ring


elden ring beat festering fingerprint vyke

You can beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke by attacking him whereas he costs his assaults and depleting his effectively being. This is the Invader sort of this NPC that you’d have the ability to come all through at Liurnia of the Lakes whereas heading to the Church of Inhibition. He will invade you in your technique to the church. These are all his strikes and their counters:

  • Charging Spear thrust: He will price at you whereas thrusting his spear. You can dodge this assault by rolling to each side and getting out of his method.
  • Golden roar: You will see him stand in a spot and produce a golden flame icon, after it, he releases golden waves spherical him. To dodge this assault, start rolling backward whilst you see the flame picture. If you’ve gotten a ranged weapon then you possibly can too shoot at him whereas he assaults.
  • Golden lasers: Similar to the roaring assault he’ll take a stance and produce the golden flame picture. After it, he can each shoot a single golden laser at you or a lot of lasers spherical him. To dodge the one laser roll to each side sooner than it connects. And for the a lot of laser assault dodge it by retreating once more.


These are the precept strikes it makes use of in its Invade variety if you dodge them you presumably can launch counterattacks. Keep attacking him and deplete his effectively being to defeat him.

Upon defeating him you get the subsequent drops:

  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Fingerprint Grape
  • Vyke’s War Spear


How to Beat Roundtable Knight Vyke

how to beat rountable knight vyke in elden ring

This is the boss sort of Festering Fingerprint Knight Vyke. You can uncover him at Lord Contender’s Evergaol in Mountaintops of the Giants. To defeat him you need to dodge his assaults and assault him until his effectively being reaches zero. These are a number of of the notable strikes that he makes use of on this battle:


  • Spear Thrust: He will thrust his spear at you. You can guard in opposition to it using your defend or by rolling to each side.
  • Charging Spear Thrust: Just like his invader variety he’ll dash and thrust his spear at you.
  • Jump and slash: He will bounce and slash his spear at you. There are two variations to this assault. He can each slash at you often, or he can price it with crimson lightning.
  • Lightning spear throw: He will perform two red-colored lightning spears and throw them on the ground in path of you. The disadvantage with this assault is, it covers a variety and does a complete lot of AoE hurt. To dodge it get as distant as attainable from the assault.
  • Golden lightning strikes: He indicators his hand on the sky it’ll have a faint golden aura spherical it. This switch then causes a lot of golden lightning strikes to strike in direction of you in a straight line 3 occasions.

When you examine his assault pattern you presumably can counter them and launch your assaults. This will allow you to lastly defeat him.

After getting defeated, the Roundtable Knight Vyke drops:

  • Fingerprint Set
  • Vyke’s Dragonbolt

That covers this info on how one can beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke and Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring. If you want help with totally different boss guides you then’ll wish to strive our Elden Ring half.