Elden Ring Best Daggers List


Elden Ring has a plethora of varied styles of equipment for players to destroy their enemies. From blasting cannonballs with Ballista to casting spells with completely totally different incantations and sorceries. But you perceive what’s the most effective all through extreme close-range battle? Daggers! These little infants can inflict extreme very important hurt with quick assaults. It is best suited to stealth and cheesing opponents. So, proper right here’s our data on probably the greatest daggers and the place to hunt out them in Elden Ring.

Best Daggers in Elden Ring


Mentioned beneath are probably the greatest daggers to resolve on and their locations:


This is a dagger that has a default weapon capability of Quickstep. It could trigger the Hemorrhage or Blood loss standing to assemble up and has an FP worth of three. Wakizashi dagger provides with Strength and Dexterity. You can uncover it inside one in all many locked prisons in Gaol Cave. But you could should unlock the prisons first.


best daggers in elden ring
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What I cherished about this dagger is its excellent weapon capability. It means that you may change to safety and stay away from the incoming hurt from the enemies. As you head once more, seek for a spot to pierce and slash your enemies. It is probably going one of many best daggers to cheese your opponents. While it doesn’t power stance with totally different daggers, you presumably can power stance it with katanas.

Black Knife


It is a dagger that gives with Faith and Dexterity attributes. It has an FP worth of 25 and likewise inflicts Holy hurt. Black Knife has a singular weapon capability of the Blade of Death. This capability shoots a projectile on the targeted enemies from a medium differ. And this projectile inflicts holy hurt. You can uncover the Black Knife dagger by defeating the Black Knife Assasin on the entrance of Sainted Hero’s grave. It is positioned to the west of the Rampartside Path at Altus Plateau. You can neither improve it with consumables nor magic. But it’s worthwhile to use the Holy Shrouding Cracked tear and Sacred Scorpion attraction to boost its hurt.


Cinquedea is a dagger that gives with power and dexterity. It has a default capability of Quickstep and may inflict the Madness standing build-up in opposition to enemies and has an FP worth of three. You can uncover this dagger positioned on the bottom of the Bestial Sanctum in Greyroll’s Dragonbarrow. It will most likely be inside the exterior building near the statue of a broken rat.


cinquedea best daggers elden ring
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Cinquedea can improve the hurt of the outfitted Bestial Incantations by 10%. You can also enhance it with the Somber Smithing Stones.


As the establish suggests, this dagger could possibly be a code for misery in opposition to enemies. Misericorde dagger has the perfect very important hurt worth out of all the daggers. It has a default weapon capability of Quickstep. It provides with Strength and Dexterity attributes. To uncover this dagger, head over to the Stormveil Castle. You will uncover it near a corpse inside the huge armory room. You can enhance it by means of using the Smithing Stones. In addition to that, it’s additionally potential to use Ashes of War onto this dagger.

Bloodstained Dagger

While most the players ponder daggers only for stealth, this dagger solely provides with Strength attributes. You can power stance it with completely totally different daggers to inflict insane hurt. This dagger can set off the Blood Loss or Hermorhheage stat build-up. But getting this dagger could possibly be just a little little bit of a bother because it’s a unusual drop. You can get the Bloodstained dagger by defeating one in all many Demi-human Chieftans. You can enhance this dagger with Smithing Stones and apply Ashes of War for additional buffs.

That’s all on probably the greatest daggers and the place to hunt out them in Elden Ring. If you appreciated this data, attempt our totally different guides on the best Int weapons, best power weapons, and best PvP Magic spells in Elden Ring correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.