Echoes Of Mana – Character Tier List


Echoes of Mana is a free-to-play movement JRPG designed and launched by Square Enix. It is the most recent entry throughout the Mana sequence. In this recreation, you could be supposed to complete quests to earn rewards of varied varieties. To try this, you’ll want to have the right event of allies doable. As such, I’ve made this Character Tier List in Echoes of Mana from the S Tier to F Tier.

Echoes Of Mana Character Tier List


echoes of mana character

Here is the Character Tier List in Echoes Of Mana.

Tier Character Element Weapon
S Tier Sumo (Hero) Light Sword
S Tier Duran Earth Sword
A Tier Angela Water Staff
A Tier Popoi Fire Boomerang
A Tier Riesz Wind Polearm
A Tier Shiloh Dark Sword
B Tier Charlotte Light Flail
B Tier Ferrik Earth Sword
B Tier Lekius Fire Bow
B Tier Ludgar Dark Glove
B Tier Serafina Earth Bow
C Tier Amanda Wind Knife
C Tier Julius Fire Staff
C Tier Popoi Earth Bow
C Tier Randi Light Sword
C Tier Serafina Water Polearm
D Tier Angela Fire Staff
D Tier Dark Lord Dark Sword
D Tier Hawkeye Dark Knife
D Tier Primm Water Glove
D Tier Riesz Water Polearm
D Tier Sierra Light Knife
D Tier Thanatos Dark Staff
F Tier Duran Fire Sword
F Tier Kevin Earth Glove
F Tier Lekius Water Bow
F Tier Niccolo Wind Glove
F Tier Shiloh Light Axe
F Tier Sumo (Hero) Water Polearm
F Tier Wanderer Earth Polearm


In the Tier List above, the whole characters in Echoes Of Mana have been listed of their respective Tiers. S Tier is the place the right Characters are and must be in your Parties. Next is A Tier which has good Characters nonetheless is just not so good as S Tier. Then there could also be B Tier which has good Characters. C Tier has the standard ones, D Tier has harmful characters, & F Tier has the characters that it’s essential to avoid.

This was the Character Tier List of Echoes Of Mana. Hopefully, this info has helped you. You might attempt our completely different guides on our website online, Gamer Tweak.