Dinkum: How to Make Jelly Brew


Dinkum is a pleasant new Animal Crossing-esque sport that avid gamers get to relax out with. This sport has avid gamers going out into the wild, capturing bugs, elevating livestock, and further. With the entire actions that you just do throughout the sport, it’s no shock why avid gamers are trying to find superfoods. These meals are immediate boosters that offer you quite a few energy. One of these superfoods is jelly brew. If you’re making an attempt to make just a few of your particular person jelly brew in Dinkum then that’s the data for you.

How to Get Jelly and Make Jelly Brew in Dinkum


Make Jelly Brew in Dinkum

To make jelly brew, you want the subsequent:

  • Ingredients – 10 Jelly
  • A Keg Barrel


To make your particular person jelly brew, you’ll first should kill ten jellyfish. As any participant in Dinkum is conscious of, these fish won’t be the friendliest. And so, it would be best to be cautious when attacking them.

You can try this by standing on the shore and attacking the jellyfish that come shut. Use a spear to puncture them and after one hit, they’re sure to drop a jelly. Now, collect ten of these to get ample for a brew.

Once you might have ample jelly, you probably can put all ten in your keg barrel and maintain it to brew. Luckily that’s the one ingredient that it’s important to make this brew.


Here are benefits of jelly brew in Dinkum:

  • Health Restored – 50
  • Energy Restored – 50
  • Farming Buffs – 10 minutes improve
  • XP Gain – 4 minutes improve

Even in case you promote jelly brew, it’s possible you’ll get some robust monetary establishment as a result of it sells for 5,000 Dinks.


The precise draw back that the majority avid gamers are going to face when attempting to make jelly brew is getting a keg. This is because of the keg needs the subsequent provides:

  • Palm Boards – 5
  • Iron ingot – 1

If you’ve been mining prolonged ample, you know how onerous it’s to get ample iron ore to make an ingot. You can solely unlock this recipe at diploma 10 and get the second tier of the power certificates. Which means you perhaps haven’t unlocked the Deep Mine to get this ore in hundreds. But you probably can on a regular basis roam the island to hunt out and mine various the light gray rocks and get iron ore.

This was your data on make jelly brew in Dinkum. If that you must get some further Dinkum hacks then check out this data on use a Compost Bin to make fertilizer.