Dinkum: How To Get & Sell Amber Chunks


In Dinkum, it’s best to try to find chunks of Amber. That is on account of it’s doubtless the most effective strategies to shortly earn money fast inside the recreation. That is appropriate you’ll be capable of put it on the market for plenty of Dinks. It doesn’t have a tough and quick value and modifications with the dimensions and weight of the rock. But discovering it gained’t be easy as moreover it’s unusual. So on this info enable us to look at the easiest way to get and promote Amber in Dinkum.

How to Get Amber Chunks in Dinkum


dinkum get and sell amber chunks
Image Credits: Quests on YouTube

You can get Amber Chunks on this recreation with the help of the Metal Detector. Here is the easiest way to find them:

  1. Talk to Fletch and get the Metal Detecting Licence from her.
  2. Next, buy the metallic detector for 6000 Dinks from John’s Goods retailer.
  3. Now, equip the metallic detector.
  4. Finally, you could switch spherical and apply it to the completely totally different terrains inside the recreation.
  5. When the detector gives blue indications on the underside use your shovel to dig there.
  6. You must dig up a Golden glowing rock generally. The chances are low because it’s a unusual resin to return all through.


This golden rock is the Amber chunk you’re trying to find.

How to Sell Amber

You can promote amber chunks at John’s Goods retailer. The number of Dinks he pays you’ll depend upon the load and dimension of the chunk you ship.


  1. Start by getting the amber chunk as outlined above.
  2. Next, carry the chunk over your head. This simply isn’t the form of merchandise you may carry in your pocket. You ought to use every your fingers for it.
  3. Take it to John’s Goods retailer and place it on the weighing scale.
  4. Next, John commends you for the Amber chunk you launched. He will then observe up by telling you its weight and offering you a value for it.
  5. Click on Yes to advertise the Amber chunk in change for Dinks.

That is all that it’s important do to advertise an Amber Chunk on this recreation. You moreover unlock the milestone of Amber Cash when you promote an amber chunk for the first time. This milestone rewards you with 250 Permit Points.

With that, you now know each half to get and promote amber chunks in Dinkum. If you need additional help on totally different topics of this recreation then study our guides on the easiest way to get a grain mill, a commerce licence, uncover the mysterious buyer, and get tin sheets.