Digimon Survive Karma System Explained


Digimon Survive is a Visual-Novel, Tactical Survival RPG developed by Hyde & printed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This sport is a Visual-Novel with an amazing story of a bunch of School faculty college students occurring a Trip after which encountering Digimons & Ghosts. You, the Player, may be collaborating in as Takuma and could be the first character of the Story. As you go on with the Story, you’ll have to ensure selections. These selections will lastly change the course of your sport. The Karma system retains a observe of what selections you make which in flip changes the path your Digimon will take. In this info, I’ll make clear what the Karma System is & what it does in Digimon Survive.

Karma System Explained in Digimon Survive


karma system digimon survive

The Karma System in Digimon Survive is chargeable for what path your Digimon will take whereas Digivolving. There are three paths which might be Moral, Harmony, & Wrath. Depending on the choice you select whereas talking alongside along with your Partnered Digimon, will resolve the Evolution Path. You can resolve which different is by their shade. Here is how they’re represented:

  • Moral – Red Color (Vaccine Attribute)
  • Wrath – Yellow Color (Virus Attribute)
  • Harmony – Green Color (Data Attribute)


If you choose the Red risk the Digimon will go the Top route, the Yellow risk will go the Middle route, & the Green risk will go the Bottom route. Depending on the Route the Digimon goes, it is going to possible be each Vaccine, Data, or Virus varieties. The three sort a Rock-Paper-Scissor relationship the place:

  • Virus > Data
  • Data > Vaccine
  • Vaccine > Virus

So counting on what you may be going by way of & what selections you’ve got taken until now, you presumably can Digivolve your Digimon to the form you choose mid-battle. If you want to confirm the Karma Rating of your Digimon, you presumably can go to your Profile in your Phone & then confirm it on the Bottom Right of the show.


This was all regarding the Karma System in Digimon Survive. Hopefully, this info has helped you. You could check out our totally different guides like How To Fix The Digimon Survive Crash At Launch Issue On PC.