Clay Farm Guide V Rising: How To Get It


V Rising is a Survival Action-Adventure recreation with Multiplayer. You play as a weakened Vampire who awoke from slumber on this recreation. Now it’s important to gather belongings, battle foes, & assemble up your Castle and Army. Clay is a very early recreation helpful useful resource that you would be able to be using fairly a bit in your early phases. It is utilized in pretty a variety of recipes and as such, is likely to be needed spherical. In this data, I’ll current you get Clay in V Rising.

How to Get Clay in V Rising


get clay v rising

Clay is a farmable helpful useful resource that you possibly can get fairly merely in Farbane Woods. You can loot it from the Bandit Camps scattered all through the world. The best place to get Clay in V Rising is inside the Bandit Sulphur Quarry, far west of Farbane Woods. You ought to make loads of journeys merely to get adequate Clay to make the Items you need. Another technique of getting it’s by sending Servants on journeys to collect & harvest belongings. The larger methodology is by sending Servants as accumulating Clay does take a bit of little bit of time.

At the second, there are two devices that you possibly can craft using Clay, i.e. Clay Mold & Stone Body. You will need the subsequent provides to make them:


  • Clay Mold:- 12 Clay & 1 Water-filled Canteen.
  • Stone Body:- 12 Clay & 4 Stone Bricks.

Take these provides to a Grinder and Voila, you’ve bought your respective Item. As of this textual content, Clay doesn’t have that many makes use of. V Rising stays to be in early entry so there could also be nonetheless fairly a bit that the game can provide. In the approaching future, there is likely to be recipes that may require Clay or its craftable sorts, i.e. Clay Mold & Stone Body.

This was all about get Clay in V Rising. Hopefully, this data has helped you. You may additionally attempt our completely different guides like V Rising Grinder Guide.