Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 In CSGO


If you’re a fellow CS: Go participant, there’s no limit to grinding on the utterly totally different maps. But for most of the avid gamers regionally, primarily probably the most playable map is Dust 2. As you progress by way of bigger ranks, you’ll encounter veteran CS Go avid gamers. These avid gamers don’t have any mercy to share! So, you might blow some smoke at their face (pretty really). You can do that with a number of smoke grenades. Upon grinding on eternity on Dust 2, it’s pretty straightforward that avid gamers know the locations on the map higher than their locality. So, proper right here’s our data on among the finest smoke spots for Dust 2 in CSGO.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in CSGO


For the avid gamers that don’t know loads regarding the spots or locations, talked about beneath is the map with spots for Dust 2 in your reference.

best smoke spots dust 2 in csgo
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Here are among the finest Smoke Spots for Dust 2:


Catwalk to Mid A: As you throw a smoke grenade, you might make it doable for it lands all through the door.

Xbox to Mid A: When you’re taking cowl from the enemies barging inside, you might throw a grenade all through the door.

Suicide to Mid: This is probably going one of many best smoke spots in case you spawn as a T. All you might do is throw a linear smoke grenade on the mid-spot from Suicide.


CT to Middle: If you spawn as a CT, you probably can throw a grenade to the mid. This will definitely confuse the Ts barging to the B-site.

Mid-1 to Mid-2: So, throwing a smoke grenade is the most common issue to do everytime you spawn as a CT. As the timer begins, you might throw a grenade all through the door to the Mid. Wait for a lot of seconds and sneak stroll to shoot the confused enemies.

A Doors to Mid: When you exit from the Long doorways, head left and throw a grenade to straight upwards. To execute this throw, you might have considered trying some observe. But this throw would immediately outcome within the Under-A website online.


Lower tunnel to Xbox: Upon getting down from the Upper tunnel, throw a grenade by the Xbox from the lower tunnel. This would make the enemies lose their sight. And possibly among the finest time to knife an enemy. But you could have to spam a number of grenades, for that.

B doorways to Upper tunnel: When the CTs come barging to defuse the bomb, you probably can throw a smoke grenade into the Upper Tunnel. For a correct angle, you might throw it from the B-Doors.

Short to A: You can throw a grenade beneath the Short stairs close to A short. Then, you probably can shoot the confused Ts or cowl on the Ninja spot.

B doorways to Upper tunnel: Now, I do keep in mind throwing a smoke grenade exterior the upper tunnel. When you throw this grenade, the enemies coming into the positioning lose their imaginative and prescient. Then, as they’re barely seen throughout the smoke, you probably can finish them off with an M4A4 or any of the Assault rifles.

T spawn to Xbox: You can throw a smoke grenade from the T-Spawn to the Xbox. Then, you probably can head there or shoot the enemies out of your AWP in a single go.

Upper tunnel to B1: Upon exiting from the Upper tunnel, you might be cautious if there’s no sniper parallel to the exit. If they’re roaming like noobs throughout the B website online, you probably can throw a smoke grenade on the B website online and make an entry.

Upper tunnel to B2: While the sooner grenade blocked the exit of the Upper tunnel, you might throw a grenade close to the sector. And make an entry sooner than the smoke disappears.

Upper tunnel to B Site: Looking to dam the imaginative and prescient of the sniper parallel to the tunnel? Now, this smoke grenade typically is a bit troublesome for novices. As you’re throughout the Upper tunnel, you might throw a grenade all through the roof to the B website online. You should make it doable for it does endure the roof.

A to A website online: When you’re in situations like 2v1, the best manner is to stall some time. All you need is a Desert Eagle or knife and smoke the A website online. When the enemies come close to defusing the bomb, you probably can confuse them with the smoke. You may lay in some smoke and head to the A Long with an AWP (evil strategies).

B to B doorways: In a time-crunch sooner than the bomb defuses or explodes? Throw a Smoke grenade on the B doorways to dam the enemies from seeing one thing.

Inside tunnel to B doorways: Now, the sooner throw may end in avid gamers throwing the grenade exterior the door. So, it’s safe to throw a grenade from the exit of the tunnel to the B doorways. But ensure that it lands on the B doorways.

Upper tunnel to Window: If you could have some allies left, you may additionally throw a smoke grenade by the Window. Then, for a lot of seconds, the B website online will be impenetrable. Just look out no person enters from the upper tunnel, though.

While it’s a prolonged guidelines, there could also be some further smoke spots to pick out from. You can create or uncover further Smoke spots. But don’t overlook to throw a grenade sooner than blazing weapons at your enemies.

That’s all of the issues lined on among the finest Smoke spots for Dust 2 in CSGO. If you most well-liked this data, check out our guides on our devoted half for CS: GO correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.