Best Places To Farm Iron Ore In V Rising


There are a ton of essential sources in V Rising. Having to reap and farm the an identical is a gigantic part of the game. And so, avid gamers ought to work on making certain that they always have an excellent amount of these sources in hand within the occasion that they should ultimate in the direction of bosses and completely different opponents. One such helpful useful resource is Iron Ore which is a tier above Copper. Here is your data on the best areas to farm Iron Ore in V Rising.

Best Locations to Farm and Mine Iron Ore in V Rising


Farm Iron Ore In V Rising

There are 11 areas the place you’ll uncover Iron Ore in Vardoran. Most of your iron will seemingly be found inside the Dunley Farmlands. But, moreover, you’ll uncover iron on the Eastern Coast of the Cursed Forest.

One of the best areas to mine Iron Ore in V Rising is the Haunted Iron Mine. Other than that, it is advisable be able to uncover iron veins inside the Cursed Forest along with inside the Dunley Farmlands as successfully.


Acquiring iron isn’t easy though. Where there are good sources, there are sturdy enemies as successfully. And so, it is advisable solely attempt to farm Iron Ore once you’re at stage 40 or larger.

How to Mine Iron Ore/Ingots

To mine iron, you’ll have to have a Merciless Copper weapon on the very least. Now, adjust to these steps to get your Iron Ore or ingots and create Iron weapons:


  • Travel to the Haunted Iron Mine
  • Now, farm for Iron Ore
  • The house will now refresh
  • In your chests, it is advisable uncover Iron Ore or Ingots

To get the recipe to create Iron Ingots or weapons in V Rising, you’ll have to defeat Quinceythe Bandit King.

This was our data on farming iron in V Rising. If you’re excited about completely different V Rising articles then do that one on learn the way to get Silk in V Rising.