Ark Survival Evolved: How To Tame Andrewsarchus


Fjordur, the DLC development of Ark Survival Evolved was not too way back launched for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. It follows the distinctive sport, the place you have to assemble a base, have a fire to take care of you warmth, and have weapons to hunt and defend your self. Not merely this, you have to tame and feed dinosaurs if you survive inside the open world. Andrewsarchus mongoliensis is a real-world-inspired pre-historic creature in Ark. If you could be questioning simple strategies to tame Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur, look no further as now we’ve got you lined.

How to Tame Andrewsarchus in Ark


Ark Tame Andrewsarchus

Andrewsarchus in Ark is an Omnivorous Mammal and requires plenty of effort to tame. However, for individuals who nonetheless want to give it a shot then proper right here’s what you need to do –

  • Once you deal with to seek out one Andrewsarchus, make sure that there will not be any Carnivores inside the area. If there are, stay up for them to cross or kill them. Things could take an unpleasant flip in case you aren’t affected particular person.
  • The solely resolution to distract this creature is with Giant Bee Honey. We advocate you carry at least 6-8 objects in case it avoids plenty of. Throw the Giant Bee Honey in entrance of it and try to preserve out of sight.
  • Once it goes to eat the Honey, pounce on it from behind and click on on the arrows displayed on the show. The Taming p.c could be talked about on the bottom of the show.
  • Make optimistic you mount off Andrewsarchus sooner than the taming effectiveness reaches 100%. It could be displayed in crimson, correct beneath the taming p.c. If you don’t mount off, you’ll be thrown from the creature’s once more and should preserve damage.
  • Rinse and repeat the strategy, as many events as a result of it takes. You will deal with to tame it in the end.


You can also use a Harpoon and web to catch them and drive tame them when you may have the selection to take motion.

That’s all you need from this info on simple strategies to tame Andrewsarchus in Ark. While you could be proper right here, make sure you strive simple strategies to get Mjolnir and our guides, concepts, and ideas correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.