ARK Survival Evolved: How To Tame A Pteranodon


Ark Survival Evolved merely dropped their DLC progress, Fjordur. It brings to the game a wide range of new creatures, objects, and property as you adjust to the similar path of the distinctive recreation. Your aim throughout the open world is to survive, acquire weapons, property, and tame dinosaurs. The recreation has an unlimited assortment of dinosaurs, Pteranodon being actually one in every of them. So let’s check out how we’re in a position to uncover Pteranodon and tame it in Ark.

How To Tame A Pteranodon In Ark


How to Find Pteranodon Tame in Ark
Image Credit: Havoc Gaming Channel (YouTube)

It is type of robust to tame most dinosaurs in Ark and Pteranodon isn’t any exception. You need a variety of objects, weapons, consumables, and most effort. Check out this itemizing to know what you’ll need to hold:

  • Bow or Crossbow
  • Tranq Arrows
  • Pteranodon Saddle
  • Reusable Bola
  • Narcotics (preserve extreme quantity)
  • Raw Meat (preserve extreme quantity)


Since the merchandise itemizing is type of robust to assemble for starters, we advise you’re at least stage 38 everytime you go to tame Pteranodon. You can uncover them throughout the air, typically above water our our bodies.They want to land sometimes on the shore and that’s your window to catch them.

So now you’ve the itemizing of issues wished, listed below are the steps to tame a Pteranodon in Ark Survival Evolved:

  • Make constructive you discover which stage Pteranodon you should tame and hold watch over it. If you don’t have a Spyglass, you presumably can switch nearer as they aren’t spooked by you.
  • Once they land use the Reusable Bola to lure it in a single place after which shoot it with the Tranq Arrows to render it unconscious.
  • As shortly because it’s down and unconscious, head over to its Inventory and force-feed Narcotics to keep up it beneath.
  • Wait for the meals stage to drop and then put the Raw Meat throughout the Inventory and look ahead to it to feed.
  • Once it begins feeding, the taming % on the underside of your show will start rising.
  • Keep an eye fixed mounted on the Torpidity stage. If it falls beneath half force-feed it additional Narcotics to keep up it sedated.
  • As its meals stage depletes additional, it’s going to keep up consuming the Raw Meat and shortly may be tamed. You can then equip it with the saddle.


In case you uncover a shortage of Raw Meat, force-feed additional Narcotics to it and shortly convey once more some Raw Meat from shut by creatures.

That’s all you need from this data on discover ways to tame a Pteranodon in Ark. While you’re proper right here, make sure you check out Andrewsarchus Spawn Location, Desmodus Spawn Location, and completely different guides, ideas, and ideas correct proper right here on Gamer Tweak.