ARK: Fjordur Best Base Locations


You can get the Fjordur enlargement of Ark Survival Evolved merely, nonetheless referring to probably the greatest bases, it isn’t very easy. There are many places with the intention to uncover, nonetheless each they might lack sources or the terrain received’t be suited to rearrange your base at. Hence listed beneath are three of probably the greatest base areas for Fjordur in Ark that’s fitted to every PvP and PvE.

Best Base Locations in Fjordur in Ark Survival Evolved


fjordur best base locations in ark

These are the three most interesting bases on Fjordur that it’s best to use every for PvE and PvP.

  • Lava Dungeon
    • Lat: 10.8
    • Lon: 62.6
  • The Underworld
    • Lat: 29.2
    • Lon: 39.4
  • Personal Island
    • Lat: 34.9
    • Lon: 94.6


Let us take a look at all three of them.

Lava Dungeon – Best PvP & PvE Fjordur Base for Ark

lava dungeon base
Image Credit: Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube


Starting with the first base you may need two waterfalls on each side of the doorway. And if you get inside you haven’t solely a great deal of area to rearrange traps to forestall getting raided. You moreover get admission to many sources. This base location is admittedly fitted to every PvE and PvP. Here are its coordinates:

  • Latitude: 10.8
  • Longitude: 62.6

The Underworld


the underground
Image Credit: Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube

If you ever questioned what residing in a cave ought to actually really feel like this location is for you. This cavern is among the many most interesting areas to make your base at. The enemies may have a tricky time raiding it in PvP. But referring to your comfort you not solely have a stunning and big area to dwell in. It has you coated with necessities like water to many various sources. These are its coordinates:

  • Latitude: 29.2
  • Longitude: 39.4

Personal Island

personal island base ark
Image Credit: Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube

As the title suggests chances are you’ll flip this area into your very private personal island. Here are its coordinates:

  • Latitude: 34.9
  • Longitude: 94.6

There is only one small piece of land that connects this island to the rest of the areas of the game. It has the appears to be like of a mountain, which you’ll be capable of climb to mine sources. You even get a seashore on this island. The higher half is it’s best to use the inside of the mountain as your base or the entire exterior area you get with it.

Thanks to Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube for these base areas. If these bases had been to not your liking then be pleased to try their video beneath for various base decisions.

That covers this info on probably the greatest base areas in Fjordur in Ark Survival Evolved. Since you need participating on this recreation chances are you’ll uncover our totally different guides useful on the fitting technique to get the Sanguine Elixir or the fitting technique to get Mjolnir.