All Sniper Elite 5 Workbench Locations List


Sniper Elite 5 is the newest installment throughout the Series by Rebellion Developments. It brings once more the feels of scoping to your objective in opposition to real-world variables and hitting near-impossible images. The recreation as simple as capturing with a rich & sophisticated backstory makes for a really satisfying time. To full your missions, you’ll have to have top-notch gear. Your Weapons ought to be properly fitted to the state of affairs. That’s the place Workbench comes into play. A Workbench permits the participant to tweak the weapon they’ve to supply them the needed edge. In this data, I’ll current you the complete Workbench Locations in Sniper Elite 5.

List of all Workbench Locations in Sniper Elite 5


workbench locations sniper elite 5

Workbench in Sniper Elite 5 could also be current in Resistance Safehouses. You will know once you’ve gotten stumbled upon one as there is likely to be a Nazi Flag, British Flag, or the French Flag with the Resistance picture over it. Each mission has its private set of Workbench so do go to them for newer unlocks & gears. Here are the areas for each Workbench in Sniper Elite 5.

Workbench Location
Atlantic Wall Rifle Workbench At the beginning of the mission
Atlantic Wall SMG Workbench Found near Marcel’s physique whereas doing the mission of monitoring him.
Atlantic Wall Pistol Workbench Northwest of the map, near the gun battery in a shack. Key required.
Occupied Residence Rifle Workbench In a Cellar in an armory. Towards the east of the Chateau.  Key required.
Occupied Residence SMG Workbench Towards the west of the Chateau, on excessive of the S-Shaped setting up.
Occupied Residence Pistol Workbench In the first a part of the Chateau, stroll as a lot because the armory.
Spy Academy Rifle Workbench Northside of the map. Climb up the Fort alongside the wines to get onto a pathway. Follow it till you get there.
Spy Academy SMG Workbench On the east side of the map, merely north of the large setting up the place the Nazi officers are working in the direction of for Operation Kraken. Key required.
Spy Academy Pistol Workbench Towards the central part of the map, following the goal of Find Evidence on Kraken. Find a door with the resistance picture.
War Factory Rifle Workbench Opposite the Factory, on the underside flooring. Take the Ladder down.
War Factory SMG Workbench Center of the Map, north of the supply warehouse.
War Factory Pistol Workbench On the east side of the map, alongside the wall of the setting up. Key required.
Festung Guernsey Rifle Workbench In the south a part of the map, there’s a Church. Climb {the japanese} spire.
Festung Guernsey SMG Workbench On the east side of the map, there is likely to be a Shack. Climb down the ladder to get into the armory.
Festung Guernsey Pistol Workbench On the Northwest side, there are some trenches. The one with an Anti-air gun leads to the Armory.
Liberation Rifle Workbench At the very North tip of the map sooner than crossing the river, climb the setting up on the right to get into the Armory.
Liberation SMG Workbench Right in the middle of the map, in a small residence with a destructible flooring ensuing within the Armory.
Liberation Pistol Workbench At the Center of the map, there’s a giant barn-like setting up on the southern tip the place the first freeway makes a U. Climb to the very best to get into the Armory.
Secret Weapons Rifle Workbench On the West side of the map, throughout the setting up on the docks.
Secret Weapons SMG Workbench The main setting up of the map, Blockhaus Interior Dome, is on the bottom of the central building. At the tip of the corridor.
Secret Weapons Pistol Workbench On the Southside of the map, the Resistance Cache. It is near a Waterfall.
Rubble & Ruin Rifle Workbench Northside of the map, throughout the south a part of the setting up. Satchel required.
Rubble & Ruin SMG Workbench Eastside of the map, throughout the destroyed buildings.
Rubble & Ruin Pistol Workbench Southside of the map, near the Triangular block. Inside of the Bombed Church. Satchel required.


This was all in regards to the Workbench Locations in Sniper Elite 5. Hopefully, this data has helped you. You might also check out our completely different guides on our web page, Gamer Tweak.