50+ Pirate Ship Names List – Best, Cool & Funny Ideas (2022)


Now that Sea of Thieves supplies players the selection to establish your ship, many are looking for various the best Pirate ship establish ideas along with some boat names that will instill fear in enemies and some which may be humorous. If you’re trying to find some inspiration for this sport or another pirate sport that allows you to rename ships, proper right here’s a list that will allow you to out.

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List of Best Pirate Ship Names – Funny, Cool, Unique Fantasy Ideas

best funny pirate boat name ideas

In Sea of Thieves, the character prohibit in your establish is 20 and in addition you can have areas inside the middle, merely not initially or end. If you’re trying to find further methods, you might head to the Pirate Ship Name generator that will current many further ideas for Sea of Thieves and completely different Pirate video video games.


Cool & Unique Pirate Ship/Boat Names from Name Generator

  • The Mermaid Serpent
  • The Uncultured Ghost
  • The Greedy Grail
  • The Dragons Rose
  • The Dirty King
  • Mayflower Insanity
  • Damnation of Hades
  • The Broken Dragon
  • The Blasted Wolf
  • The Vicious Trinity
  • The Floating Raider
  • The Pillager
  • The Good Damned
  • The Barbaric Killers
  • Filthy Swashbucklers
  • The Hellish Tide
  • Disgraced Pillager
  • Damned Pillager
  • Cry of the Dagger
  • Bearded Raider
  • One Eyed Monster
  • The Deathly Curse
  • Raiders Revenge
  • The Drunken Pirate
  • The Rancid King
  • Bloodthirsty Crew
  • The Burning Curse
  • Sea Ranger
  • Pride of the North
  • The Cruel Pillager
  • The Damned Murderer
  • Devilish Killers

Funny Pirate Ship or Boat Names


  • Seven Seasters
  • Kraken’s Curse
  • The Loch Mess
  • Mermen Ahoy
  • Curse Like A Sailor
  • Avast Ye
  • Shiver Me Timbers
  • Dead Men Sailing
  • Scallywags
  • Walk The Plank
  • No Mutiny Here
  • Shark Bait
  • Booty Fools
  • Bootyfull
  • Clap of Thunder
  • Peg Leg
  • Scuttlebutt
  • Swashbuckler
  • All Hands Hoay
  • Sea Dogs Unite
  • Poop Deck
  • Old Salt
  • Man-o-War
  • Full Of Booty
  • Doubloons
  • Bounty Hunters

Hopefully this report of all top-of-the-line ship names along with some related to Pirate slang and some humorous ones too. If you’d want to study further about Sea of Thieves, don’t neglect to try our guides on Gamer Tweak.